Deformed Kitten Has An Incredible Transformation

This is a story of a 7-year-old girl who was the only one who could see past the looks of this badly disfigured kitten.

The tiny kitten was found on the streets of Istanbul, Turkey. The poor kitten was born with severe birth defects that affected its face and ears.

Despite many people seeing this kitten, there was only one sweet young girl who decided to help it.

The kitten was in rough shape with its’ lip deformed it was difficult for the kitten to eat.

The kitten suffered from malnutrion, and its’ fur was missing in several places from living on the streets. Veterinarians slowly helped to repair as much as they could to make the cat’s life more comfortable.

Slowly, the young kitten began to look more like a normal cat. After repairing his skin and nose into a more normal configuration, now the cat hardly resembles the kitten that was saved from the streets.

The cat  was named Gülümser, and is a perfect example of what can happen with a little bit of love, compassion, and the skills of talented veterinarians.

The young Turkish girl is a heroine! The cat’s name translates to “she who always smiles.”

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