Woman In Ukraine Seen Comforting a Cat as Air Raid Sirens Sound

Recently, there has been no shortage of heartbreaking images and videos emerging from the war-torn country of Ukrainian in recent weeks.

Although there have been many images of devastation and displacement, there have also been glimpses of hope and humanity among them.

Foreign correspondent Trey Yingst, reporting from the ground in Ukraine, took a break from his war reporting to focus on a tender scene of love and caring set against the backdrop of the country’s beleaguered capital city of Kyiv on Monday morning.

In a post on Twitter, Yingst shared this video of a young woman in Ukraine seen comforting a cat in her arms — providing comfort to the animal and, no doubt, receiving comfort in return — as air raid sirens sounded a chilling alarm.

It’s unclear whether the woman had previously known the cat or if the two had only recently become acquainted, but acts of compassion in the face of an onslaught of threats aren’t limited to animals.

In yet another video, Yingst depicted an elderly gentleman feeding pigeons while the war raged around them in the background.

“Humanity continues,” Yingst wrote:

This collection of scenes, of course, represents only a small sampling of the acts of kindness that have taken place during a difficult time for Ukrainians — and there are, no doubt, countless others that take place every day that go unnoticed by a reporter’s camera.