Piglet Calms Special Needs Kitten Who Suffers From Seizures

Batman, a 2-week-old piglet, and Sriracha, a special needs kitten are the best of friends.

piglet calms kitten Piglet Calms Special Needs Kitten Who Suffers From Seizures

Sriracha was taken to Rancho Relax from an overcrowded shelter and brought to live until she could find a forever home.

“Sriracha is our special-needs foster kitten,” founder Catlin Cimini posted to Instagram.

“She has a neurological disorder called CH (cerebellar hypoplasia) […] a non-progressive, non-contagious neurological condition that results in walking and balance problems.”

Sriracha also suffers from seizures, a condition the little piglet has been helping her cope with. Batman is somehow able to sense when Sriracha is about to have a seizure and dashes to her side to help her.

A video of Batman comforting Sriracha was shared to Instagram and immediately went viral.

Caitlin explains, “The last two days have been HORRIBLE. [Sriracha] has had two seizures. Usually, when this happens, she becomes slightly ‘off’ for a few days. Batman is our rescue orphan piglet. He is less than two weeks old now. He has been extra attached to Sriracha today. I swear he knows she has had a bad couple of days and feels the need to comfort her.”

The heartwarming clip shows Batman the pig holding and pressing his body against his feline friend. Batman presses himself right against her which reportedly helps her during her episodes.

Batman’s presence calms Sriracha during her scary seizures and she is truly grateful because she thanks him with loads of tongue baths and warm kisses.

“Sriracha gives Batman a bath every single day,” Caitlin said. They truly love each other so much. It is so moving.”

“This is why my entire life is dedicated to the animals. They are the most beautiful things on this planet.”

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