It Took An Entire Village 12 Hours To Rescue A Tiny Kitten

The residents of Charleston, West Virginia, were on the edge of their seats when several of them heard the cries of a kitten.

When they narrowed down the location to a storm drain on the side of the road, a city worker, as well as Police Officer Matt Petty, stopped what they were doing to help these citizens find the source of the cries.

They headed down to the tunnels beneath the road after seeing the kitten but were having trouble catching her because she always retreated back down the tunnels when they approached. once they set a live trap, they realized the kitten did not weigh enough to spring the trap. That is when the rescuers came up with a plan involving fishing nets.

And it worked!

Once she was rescued, they brought little 6-week old Catelyn to the veterinarian.

The vet examined her thoroughly, and then took her home to foster.

The amazing vet decided that Catelyn had already found her forever home, and adopted Catlyn permanently. 

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