10 Beautiful Curly Haired Cat Breeds You Must See In 2024

curly haired cat

Have you ever seen a cat with curly hair and thought to yourself, ” wow, what a beautiful breed! I wish I could get one of those cats for myself.” If so, then you’ll love this blog post! In it, we’re going to look at 10 of the most beautiful curly haired cat breeds out there. So if you’re in the market for a new feline friend and want one with gorgeous locks, keep reading.

The best way to find a breeder is by getting familiar with the different breeds, their personalities, and their physical features. You’ll need an eye for detail when you first start seeing them because each breed has its own set of unique traits that can be difficult enough without adding size or color confusion into your mix.

A curly haired cat is a perfect pet for those who want to make their home happy. They’re intelligent and active, with unique appearances that will capture your heart from across a room. Have you seen this list of popular breeds? There’s bound be just what I’m looking for below.

Curly Haired Cat Breeds

The most unique of all cats, the curly-haired breed has only four internationally recognized varieties: LaPerm (or Domestic), Devon Rex, and Selkirk Rex. Below you will find out about these curious creatures’ coats, their personality traits, and their size information for each variety.

The six newer breeds we included are still in development and not internationally recognized, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get familiar with them.

1. Oregon Rex

curly haired cat

One of the most adorable and unique breeds in history, The Oregon Rex cat, is sadly gone. Only living documents record its existence from 1955 to 1972, when it became extinct due lack of preservation by humans who were more interested in other cats at that period. The story behind this furry friend will make your heart soar.

Oregon Rex cats were known to be stubborn, but this didn’t stop them from loving their humans. Some people report that these furry creatures can sometimes present a challenge when it comes time for home life because of how hard-headed they are personality-wise. It’s possible the breeder thought about continuing with breeding if only.

These cats were small to medium-sized with athletically built bodies. Their round heads and large ears made them look cute, while their eyes added an elegant touch that is hard for humans even notice.

2. Tennessee Rex

curly haired cat

Tennessee Rex is a new breed of curly haired cat dating only to 2004. When Franklin Whittenburg adopted a pregnant stray cat, he noticed that two of the kittens had sleek and shiny satin coats, which made him realize something special about these little guys; they were different from any other feline on Earth. Next, professional researchers came into play who discovered the gene responsible for their great looks.

Tennessee Rexes are one of the most recognized orange cat breeds in America. They’re medium-sized, have luscious curls that can’t be removed with shampoos or other products, and always maintain an unusual satin shine no matter what color coat it may come from.

With their large eyes outlined by thick black frames (or doing double duty as sunglasses), these curious felines make great pets for people who want something different than traditional sleek furballs. The personality of this breed makes them easily lovable, and they will follow you everywhere. But the cat won’t be too demanding or tedious – who can resist such an adorable face?

3. Ural Rex

curly haired cat

The rarest of all breeds is the Ural Rex. These felines are thought to have come from Russia’s mountainous region, and despite their presence, it isn’t an official breed because they’re difficult to find–and that makes this fluffy cat so much more special.

The Ural Rex is a breed with either short or medium-length curls. These luxurious locks can be wavy and create waves on their body that give them an elegant look. They are friendly and get attached to their humans. They love playing around and learning tricks but dislike being alone at home.

4. Tasman Rex

curly haired cat

The Tasman Rex is a breed of cat with an unforgettable appearance. They have frizzy, curly coats and either no tail or only one that’s missing due to its bulky form causing several issues for these unique feline creatures in need of recognition before they’re gone forever.

This unique breed of cat originates from New Zealand and Australia. Very little information about their history or genetics has been recorded, but this elusive species likely shares some characteristics with other breeds such as Manx cats due to crossbreeding practices over time.

With their genetic similarities to the Manx breed, Tasman Rex cats also adopt the features of Cornish and Devon Rex. In terms of temperament, they’re happy-go-lucky but not noisy or demanding pets who will find entertainment wherever it lies within reach.

These adorable creatures are known for their rareness and exceptional intelligence, but if you manage to get your hands on one, it’ll be worth all the trouble. They’re perfect as a kid’s pet or companion animal because of how friendly they can be.

5. German Rex

curly haired cat

The German Rex is a cat that was first discovered in Germany. The breed has been around for quite some time, but it isn’t recognized as its unique type of feline because many different breeds are mixed into this group. In 1955 Dr. Rose Scheuer-Karpin noticed an unusual black and white furry creature near her hospital while walking home from work one day – she took care of him immediately after seeing his intriguing coat color combo.

The history of the German Rex is a bit more complicated than most breeds. In 1986, someone decided they wanted to give breeding another shot and continue this tradition–making what we know today! These hard-to-come cats are often listed under Cornish rexes because that’s how it was initially bred. Don’t let those two sounds’ similarities fool you: This animal has unique personality traits unlike anything else.

German Rex cats are friendly and adorable. This curly haired cat has a soft furry coat without any guard hairs. They can come in all colors, but cinnamon or lilac aren’t familiar names for them because they’re considered variations on the shade “rex.” You’ll find green eyes among this variety too – which might seem unusual at first glance since most animals with yellow eye hues tend to be alert rather than affectionate creatures who enjoy cuddles from time to see themselves as very sought after by prospective owners (and advertisers).

If you’re looking for a lap cat, look no further than the German Rex. These fluffy balls of love are athletic and active but not too energetic; they’ll also give your human plenty of loving cuddles with soft fur. The downside? They may be less curious about new things than other breeds can hope to achieve – however, this does not mean these cats aren’t smart whatsoever (just differently!).

6. Skookum

curly haired cat

The Skookum breed of curly haired cat is a later addition to the world’s felines. They first appeared in 1993 when Roy Galusha crossed LaPerm and Munchkin kittens, creating an experimental hybrid with long hair like their respective parents but small stature due to its short legs similar to those found on players at play or race horses before they neigh out compete others around them feel injured.

Since the Skookum was first created, it has quickly become one of our favorite small-sized breeds. These adorable cats with short legs and tiny bodies will melt your heart when you see them. They can measure between 3 pounds for females who stand about 1 inch tall up to 7 lbs. They’re perfect as pets or fur babies in any household.

Like its LaPerm ancestry, the coat of this breed is curly. However, it can vary in length from short to long, and there isn’t any single color that would represent all Skookums because they are so diverse.

Skookum cats are the perfect balance between active and calm. Even though they may seem small, these felines still have plenty of energy that needs to be released to feel fulfilled and stay healthy daily. Skookums would love nothing more than curling up right next to you while giving attention to everything their owner does – which is precisely what makes this breed so great because it satisfies both parties involved without feeling like something needs improvement or fixing up.

Like all other curly haired cat breeds, Skookums are also very smart. They will learn so many things without you even needing to teach them! And when it’s time for your furry friend to show off their new tricks, let’s just say there is no better demonstration than this unique breed of animal.

7. Cornish Rex

curly haired cat

Thanks to this adorable kitty with the curl of her toes, we can enjoy truly unique beauty. The Cornish Rex has been around for quite some time and was first born in England, where it received its name as well, thanks to this curly haired cat who roamed about Cornwall’s barnyards during the 1950s-1960s era.

These cats are pretty unique. They have long, furry tails and large ears that stick up when they’re listening hard to something exciting. Their egg-shaped head has curly whiskers because this breed is insensitive enough not to be bothered by things like human feelings or pains from their tiny body size.

Owners can expect a very active cat with a muscular body. This adventurous feline will explore every inch of its home and yard, performing necessary tricks to get your attention.

Cornish Rex cats can be pretty vocal, especially when they want something or their owners aren’t paying attention. So don’t expect a fluffy fried that will curl up and want to spend time sleeping right next to you- instead, these powerful little creatures move with the speed of sound. This is one reason this breed makes such great companions for kids always on the go, despite being energetic characters with lots going through them all day long.

8. Devon Rex

curly haired cat

The Devon Rex is a rare breed of cat with an alien-like appearance. They are slim cats with big eyes and ears and long legs from their unusual head shape, which makes them stand out among other breeds already covered on this list! Unlike curl tailed or tickle behind the ears, these guys attract much more attention due to their prominent facial features such as a great wide mouth, entire jawline, etc.

The first Devon Rex cats date back to 1960. A curly-haired male cat made babies with a female white and tortoiseshell, but one of those adorable kittens named Kirlee also had beautiful long locks that seemed straight from an anime series.

These intelligent cats are always curious to learn more, which is why they’re so popular among people who have them as pets. Even though it may seem like the Devon Rex would be less lovable than other breeds because of its quirky personality and sharp wit – you’ll find that these traits only exist when compared side-by-side with how loving all other curly-haired felines can be.

These cats are like little mischief machines. They love to play and be the center of attention. Plus, these felines don’t mind sharing their home with dogs or other animals – so you might want an extra-friendly kitty in case they decide that yours is too easy-going for its sound (which has happened before).

9. Selkirk Rex

curly haired cat

The Selkirk Rex is a medium-sized breed with an extra long, stunning curly fur that will get you obsessed immediately. These cats can appear more prominent due to their luscious locks, which give the illusion of size.

When a breeder called Jeri Newman saw Miss DePesto, he decided to adopt her and started breeding more curly haired cat. The history of the Selkirk Rex breed is exciting and unexpected, just like with LaPerm; its beginning date back as early 1987 when this voluminous coat was first introduced in America through one cat named “Miss D.” Three other siblings were born, but none had jaw-dropping locks like their gorgeous sister – until now.

Kittens in the same Selkirk Rex litter can have curly and straight hair. Curly coat cats even come with wavy whiskers. The variety of fur lengths is incredible – most will be long-haired, but this doesn’t mean you’ll never see one who has shorter hair than others because every kitten has unique personality traits or characteristics that make them stand out from other members of their group.

The Selkirk Rex is a friendly, sociable breed that loves attention from its owners. With an impressive coat and sturdy limbs like those of the LaPerm cat species, it’s easy to see how these felines would be perfect for families with children or lots of free time.

The Selkirk Rex is one of the most patient, kindest breeds out there. They love being around people and will be an attentive companion for any family. If you socialize your cat from an early age with plenty of friends over to keep things interesting throughout its lifetime (and teaching it tricks isn’t too hard!) – this felines personality can shine through in how well behaved they are at home alone or when left on his/her own without human interaction.

10. LaPerm

curly haired cat

One of the most unusual cats on this list is a breed from Oregon called LaPerms. It all started in 1982 when one cat living on an old farm gave birth to a gorgeous but strange-looking balding feline with fuzzy fur that grew into curves and softness as it aged.

La Perm cats are rare and expensive because of their hair coloration, unlike any other breed. They’ve been around for only ten years since the first breeding program was founded in Russia to create this unique type with a fantastic coat that can’t be found anywhere else.

LaPerm cats are unlike any other breed. They all have short hair at birth, but it grows back in the following months to form luscious wavy fur or corkscrew-like curls, depending on what you want your pet’s coat color to be! These furry friends come with various shades and markings – the three most common being tabby (a mix between white stripes), tortoiseshell(with patches like an old man’s face), and red which means they’re adorable even if people don’t say so aloud because human beings can rarely resist these irresistible creatures.

You might be wondering how your kitten will grow back their coat. Some LaPerm cats may never show curls, which is why it’s so important to adopt an adult cat when they reach maturity (between two and three years old).

LaPerm cats are the perfect breed for families who want a furry friends that will love them unconditionally. These affectionate pets come in all sizes and shapes, don’t shed much (unless it’s on your head), and enjoy going on adventures with their owners no matter where they may be headed–even if it’s up high. What more could you ask from this unique animal?

The curly-coated feline is an intelligent breed that gets attached to its owner but also loves being active and running around. So if you’re obsessed with this adorable kitty, ensure your household has enough time for play before getting one as an adult because they will appreciate all the attention. Start teaching them tricks while young, or else soon learn how clever these cats can be when given some freedom in their life.

Why does the hair on some cats curl?

The rare, curly-haired phenomenon known as the rex mutation causes some cats to be born with straight hair and others whose locks can look like fluffy corkscrews. This one is entirely due to genetic chance.

The rex mutation causes cats to have a curly coat, but there’s more than one type of curl. Multiple mutations result in different breeds having uniquely shaped hair and styles for their fur.

Lp Mutation

LaPerm felines have luscious curls because of an Lp dominant gene mutation. Their coat can be either short or long.

R Mutation

A recessive R gene mutation gave rise to the Cornish Rex breed. They have only a short undercoat and no outer or middle coat layer.

Se Mutation

Selkirk Rex cats are endowed with long, curly hair due to a Se gene mutation. As a result, their coat is denser, fuller, and longer than that of most cats from the other three recognized breeds. Because the Se gene is dominant, the kittens will have a curly coat even if only one parent is a Selkirk Rex.

Re Mutation

The Devon Rex breed evolved as a result of a Re gene mutation. Their care is similar to that of Cornish Rex cats, as is their curly coat.

In the world of cats, there are numerous gene mutations. One such mutation is Gr-allele which can be found in German Rexes and Ro carriers to create an entirely new breed with their unique traits. Other than this particular type alone, we still don’t know much about how these work, but they’re complex processes that lead to many different kinds of hair lengths, colors, curls, etc., all thanks to those mysterious genes.

Taking Care of Curly Haired Cat

Curly haired cat requires extra TLC since their coats are built differently. All Rex breeds, but most of the time, it’s made from down- cats need special brushing and bathing to keep them looking sleek! However, this shouldn’t sway you away from getting one–in these sections, I’ve detailed everything else needed for maintaining your kitty’s beauty mark proudly displayed on its head (and if anyone knows how important good hygiene is…it’ll be me).

1. Combing and Brushing of a Curly haired cat

curly haired cat

You must do two things regularly with your cat: brush their fur and comb it. But that doesn’t mean owning a curly haired cat is more complex than having long locks. In most cases, they’re similar jobs because everyone knows how important brushing our pets every week can be – even if we only have one pet at home (or none).

If you have a Selkirk Rex or LaPerm cat, brushing their fur can be tricky since it’s so thick and curly. But don’t worry. Special tools are made just for these breeds that will help untangle the mats in no time, especially if done on an everyday basis (and remember once per week).

To give your kitty the best care, it is essential to pay attention not just in between grooming sessions but also while brushing their coat. Brushing regularly can help with matting and tangles as well allergies or itching – all things that may occur if you don’t brush enough.

Grooming your cat can be enjoyable, but it is essential not to overdo the grooming. If you notice that they have been shaving their fur for too long or if there are bald spots on them when combing, just talk with a vet and get further instructions about how best to maintain healthy skin in this area.

2. Bathing of a Curly haired cat

curly haired cat

Bathing is essential to keeping your cat’s skin and fur clean. The oils from their body can accumulate on the hair, making it appear oily after brushing or bathing them with water alone – but this problem only occurs in cats whose coats aren’t too long, so they don’t get tangled up during grooming sessions.

Bathing your curly haired cat can be a tricky task. The best way to ensure that you are giving them gentle care and avoiding any allergens or irritants in the water, opt for moisturizing products with natural pH levels rather than shampoos explicitly meant for cats.

Some cats don’t mind getting their fur cleaned, while others may make a fuss. Regardless of your type and how much they enjoy bath time with humans or not in general, it’s essential to take care of your pet because we all know that animals’ personalities vary.

Final Thoughts: Curly Haired Cat

There’s no denying that cats are fascinating creatures! Things get even more interesting when you learn about the gene mutations that produce brand new breeds with unusual traits and characteristics. This has resulted in the popularity of curly haired cat among owners.

There are four recognized curly haired cat breeds: the LaPerm, Selkirk Rex, Devon Rex, and Cornish Rex. There are several other unrecognized breeds present that are awaiting official acceptance into various cat associations. Each has its quirks, so there’s bound to be a cat you adore on this list.

This is an adorable pet you can’t go wrong with. The curly haired cat is a beautiful pet that will love its owners with all of their hearts, perfect for families where there are kids and dogs too. These breeds tend to be very attached, which may require quite a bit of attention from the owner, but if this isn’t something negative in your life, then we recommend choosing one who needs less care because they’ll get more done throughout each day while still being close by when needed most.


Q: How much does a curly haired cat cost?

A: Expect to pay between $1,000 and $1,500 for a curly haired cat.

Q: Is a curly haired cat hypoallergenic?

A: Unfortunately, no cat is truly hypoallergenic. Choosing a low-shedding breed does not guarantee that you will not develop allergies. The main advantage of curly fur in cats is that it can catch shedding fur and skin flakes. However, it will not completely prevent them.

Q: What breed of cat is friendliest?

A: Top 10 Friendliest Cats

1. Maine Coon
2. Siamese
3. Abyssinian
4. Ragdoll
5. Sphynx
6. Persian
7. Burmese
8. Birman
9. Exotic Shorthair
10. Scottish Fold