Hilarious Wet Dog Tells His Daddy How He Feels About Bath Time!

Dogs either love the water, or it is their mortal enemy; very few fall on the middle ground on this issue. So if you’ve ever had a dog who hated bath times, you’ll relate to this video. This little pup has some strong feelings about bath time, and now that he’s all drenched, he’s ready to tell you all about them.

Pull up a chair and prepare to get an ear-full, because he is the cutest thing throwing a temper tantrum that you’ll see today! His dad can’t help but chuckle when he gets all worked up over bath times. It’s a fact of life that no matter how often you give a dog a bath, they never get any easier for you or him.

So, next time your four-legged pal is moping about because of a bath, just think of this video and give a little chuckle. Share if you laughed at his tantrum!

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