List of Must Go Dog Beach Near Me

Dogs have a way of making everything better, including your adventures. As their best friend you owe it to them to take care of themselves and give them what they need: some time away from the city streets so that inner wanderlust can be explored!

It’s summertime, and if your dog is a beach lover (because who isn’t?) we’ve found ten great places for them to play fetch in the sand or cool off near NYC. You can pick between popular beaches where they’ll meet new friends, or go more secluded with one that offers fewer people but still provides an opportunity for some quality bonding time!

Pack your beach blanket, sunscreen, plenty of water, and doggie bags, and get ready for a fun outdoor trip to this dog beach near me with your pet.

Here’s a guide to dog-friendly beaches in New York City


If you’re looking for a fun day trip that will leave both of your minds clear, then look no further than Shadmoor State Park. With miles upon miles of beaches and trails to explore as well as picnic areas where dogs can play on their own leash lengths away from any humans (finally!), this New York state park is the perfect place hidden within nature’s beautiful Finger Lakes Region. Grab your picnic blanket and basket and spend the day on the sand, bird watching or simply taking in the beautiful views.

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The best place to get away from it all is Rockaway Beach. With the only legal surfing beach in NYC, you’ll find a boardwalk and plenty of restaurants here during the off-season when it’s less crowded with cool weather that means more time for relaxation! So you and your pup have had a long day of exploring the ocean, playing in sand-and now it’s time for some tacos? Head down to Rockaway Beach Surf Club where they’re known for their amazing food! Not only do they offer vegetarian options (more like delectable), but there are plenty on top of that too. With over twenty-five years under its belt as one of NYC’s most popular beach clubs; this place is always bustling with activity so make sure not to miss out by getting tickets ahead before heading here tomorrow–you’ll thank me later 😉

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Prospect Park is a great place for dogs to roam free and enjoy Mother Nature. The off-leash hours are from 6 am until 9 am, or if your four-legged friend needs some exercise after being home alone all day they can go down there at night with you! What makes this park so special is Dog Beach, where dogs can cool off in the water and dig up sand. It’s located north of Long Meadow Ballfields near Pacific Ave station on Metro lines 7 or 8 (or take a Red Line downtown!)

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It’s about time for a road trip. Take the two-hour drive to Gardiner County Park in Bay Shore, Long Island – this public park offers trails that wind through wetlands and woodlands and is the perfect place with your pet! Dogs are allowed off-leash but they must stay on a leash and have plenty of trails to explore. The Great South Bay also has an in-ground dog water fountain, where your pup can quench their thirst while you enjoy some peace and quiet!

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Ready to head down the shore? The Fisherman’s Cove Conservation Area in Manasquan, New Jersey is an ideal spot for some quiet downtime with Fido. You can take your four-legged friend out into the water and let him swim around while you relax on sand beaches! The fisherman’s cove is a great place to go if you love dogs and kitsch. You’ll find that it has plenty of near restaurants, bars with drink specials who engage in hilarious banter with their patrons all day long about nothing at all!

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The famous Cyclone is one of the most iconic features on Coney Island Beach, but you can’t enjoy it during the summer months. Instead, head over between October and May to grab some hot dogs at Nathan’s Famous storefront while taking in views overlooking this three miles of sandy beach. All dogs need to be leashed and can’t swim in the water but are welcome to walk the Coney Island boardwalk all year long. For an hour-and-a-half ride, you will get there quick enough for a fun day trip!

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The moment you have been waiting for is finally here! Wildwood Dog Park and Beach in New Jersey will let your dog roam free, off-leash within two fenced areas. One area offers space to play with larger dogs while the other smaller one accommodates those small ones too – so go ahead pet their furry friends or chase them around until they’re tired out from all that running & playing.

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If you’re looking for a break from the city, then take your furry friend with you and escape to Hammonasset Beach State Park in New England. Located on Long Island Sound just outside of Madison Connecticut it offers two miles worth (or about 7 kilometers) of beach fun! Dogs are welcome to visit the beach all year long, except for between November and April. If you have a pup that loves spending time at sea then hop into your car for a two-hour ride down with them; they’ll be able to explore this quaint Connecticut town while taking in some Vitamin Sea air too!

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Plumb Beach is a small beach located off the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn that allows dogs all year long, but they must remain on a leash. Near Sheepshead Bay this dog-friendly haven for pet owners provides an escape from bustling city life with quick access via car or subway and bus!

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The small dog-friendly beach in Asbury Park offers an ideal destination for pet owners this summer. The 8th Avenue Dog Beach provides strict supervision during the season, but off-leash fun with your furry friend all day long! Dogs are also allowed on the boardwalk but have to stay leashed and visitors should plan an early morning visit for their pup. Summertime is when you can roam around freely- but don’t forget about winter either because it gets REALLY cold at night in December 🙂

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