Do Huskies Like Water? Dangers, Facts, Tips 2024

Even though this breed of dog is known for its love of the outdoors, do Huskies like water? In this blog post, we will look at what research has to say about the matter. Spoiler alert: most huskies do enjoy swimming and playing in the water! Keep reading to learn more.

Can Huskies learn to swim?

Do Huskies Like Water

Huskies can swim. They have the added advantage of keeping your body afloat while in the water. However, avoid throwing them into the water on day one.

The way to get them used to water and learn how to swim in it gradually is by following a systematic procedure. So before you take your husky swimming, there are just a few things you should know.

Reasons To Teach Huskies To Swim

Do Huskies Like Water

The benefits of swimming are plenty, but making huskies expert swimmers could take time and effort. There are several great reasons to teach your husky to swim and a few tips to help you make a training session as smooth as possible.

Mode Of Staying Engaged

Do Huskies Like Water

Siberian Huskies are excellent at swimming and often enjoy a pool dip when they’re home alone. The activity provides entertainment and helps to take their minds off of what might be happening inside the home, which bores them while you’re out working all day. If you can’t make it to a dog park regularly, letting your husky swim is another excellent way to keep them busy and engaged.

Physical Exercise

Do Huskies Like Water

Since huskies were originally bred to pull sleighs, they are competent and physical dogs who enjoy being physically active. Swimming is a fantastic way for dog owners and their huskies to get in shape. It doesn’t involve much tearing of bones or joints, so it’s not only practical but also safe! In addition, a swim lasting 30 minutes will have a higher calorie burn compared with walks/jogs at equal durations.

Cooling Down Body Temperature

Do Huskies Like Water

Huskies are designed to be cold-weather dogs. However, living in a humid or warm area can make life difficult for your furry friend with their thick coats, which need special care and attention every few months during shedding season due to the constant exposure of wetness on them from being outside so much. Cold water is likely to feel significant to your husky. The cold temperatures of the water can help relieve your canine companion – after all, they’re covered in a double coat of fur, so this contact with water can bring them a lot of enjoyment. Just see how your husky responds when they take a cold plunge.

Why are beaches best for learning to swim?

Do Huskies Like Water

Compared to the swimming pool, beaches offer some distinct advantages such as the following.

Socializing Option

Most Siberian huskies are swimmers at heart. Seeing other dogs swimming and enjoying themselves in the water makes it easier for him to take his dip. Your husky puppy just might even make some new canine friends, as well as become a confident swimmer, simply through his experience with most dogs. As always, just like on land, make sure your dogs are adequately introduced before beginning the swim session.

Friendly Introduction

The beach is more gradual than a pool and has an area where the water comes up to your waist. So you can let your dog jump in on their own time without feeling rushed or pressured into going too far. This will give them a positive association with swimming since the choice to participate is entirely theirs. Once they get their paws wet in the shallow end, teaching huskies to swim is even easier!

Scope For Plan B

What better way to spend a day at the beach than with your pup? You can try alternative activities like running, playing frisbee, or lying on the sand. Sounds interesting!

Ease of Running In Water

A beach is an excellent place for your dog to play in the water and cool off. They can run across shorelines without needing a boat or getting too far out there where they may not be able to swim back home if something should happen. You should never leave your husky unattended; make sure they can see you at all stages of their swim, whether at a beach or in a paddling pool. If they can’t ensure you are still there, your husky starts to develop a negative association with swimming. You don’t want them to feel separation anxiety during swim dates.

The Water Preference of Huskies

Do Huskies Like Water

This may surprise you, but most huskies don’t like to swim. This is because they were initially bred for sledding and didn’t need water. Not all huskies dislike swimming, even though most huskies hate baths. They are natural swimmers, even if it’s not what they were bred for initially.

Introducing your pup to water can be a transformational experience. They might not enjoy swimming initially, but if you give them some time and encouragement, they’ll change their tune. A life jacket early on may help them feel more secure during the experience. You’ll likely soon be able to remove that life vest and watch your husky learn all on its own.

Reasons Why Huskies Hate Water

Do Huskies Like Water

Here are some of the common reasons why Huskies don’t like water.

Genetic Factor

Do Huskies Like Water

The Siberian husky was initially trained to be sled dogs and herding ones, which means they’re not the best to be around small animals such as cats or rabbits. For that reason, it is hard to assess whether Huskies like swimming. They were born to pull sleds and handle cold weather. They are equipped with double coats that help keep them warm in super cold environments. Eskimo dogs aren’t typically what you’d picture in your swimming pool or beach, but your husky may still be happy to take a dip.

Hate To Get Wet

Do Huskies Like Water

For the most part, husky owners find that their huskies hate water. Huskies are typically very hesitant to get wet and dirty. If your husky sees you getting the bathtub ready, prepare them to run. It’s just a natural part of a husky’s temperament. Getting soapy, slimy, or just plain old dripping wet seems repellent to them at first glance; but this attitude can change once they learn how much fun swimming is. Huskies like to be physically active, which can include swimming once they get used to being in the water. Are huskies afraid of water? No, they don’t prefer it to run in ice and snow in colder weather, for example.

Poor First Impression

Do Huskies Like Water

Huskies are a bright, intelligent breed. However, they have an unfortunate tendency to remember the bad times more than they enjoy their successes and can get anxious when something goes wrong in the water with them, for instance, if you introduce it slowly at first or do not give enough time before submitting these dogs into the deep end of pool type situation where there’s no chance escape.

Some memories are indeed more difficult to shake than others. For example, suppose your pup acted out because he had been hurt. In that case, you might have a hard time forgetting those moments where they snapped at people or ran away from veterinary visits without looking back – even if it only happened once.

Beyond The Comfort Zone

Do Huskies Like Water

The Husky is not used to swimming and feels uncomfortable with water. This situation can be pretty standard for both humans as well as dogs. But teaching your husky to swim is not impossible and should be treated like any other skill you train your pup to do. Patience, time, and encouragement are all needed to get your husky to swim with glee.

Things To Remember When Training Your Husky

Do Huskies Like Water

Husky dogs can enjoy a dip in the pool, but it is essential to be aware of some things before you take them there. Here we will discuss what owners need to consider when taking their pup swimming:

1. Huskies are known for their adventurous spirit, but it’s essential to know the type of personality your pup has before taking them on any adventures. For example, some dogs will be more shy and fearful, while others may enjoy playing in the water with athletic limbs.

2. Huskies grow and learn new things more quickly than other breeds. That’s why it is essential to have a young pup if you want your dog to experience all kinds of environments.

3. To ensure the best possible outcome, you must plan and set up your training sessions accordingly. You can note their progress and what level they are at for future reference.

4. Make sure your pup is hydrated before and after training sessions. They’ll also drink salt water, which can be bad for their health if they’re not adequately fueled with fresh fluids.

5. You should check the water temperature before you let them in. Cold weather can affect their health, even with their furry exterior! Also, it takes time for them to dry, so it’s always safer (and more fun!) if we teach our dogs how to swim during hot summer days instead of waiting until winter when things are freezing outside- plus, they’ll get plenty enough sun then too.

6. Familiarize your dog with the exit point of a pool. Get them used to leaving water quickly if they’re feeling anxious or stressed out so you can avoid panic attacks.

7. Human supervision is a must during the entire training phase. They’re not good swimmers and could get hurt by strong currents or deep water, so it would be best to have someone watch over them.

8. It is essential to keep training sessions brief and light so the dog does not become too exhausted. Stop immediately if you notice signs of fatigue, such as panting or slowing down during exercise.

9. Once they are dry, rub gently but thoroughly on their skin to remove any salt or chemicals causing irritations. The warm feeling will comfort them and ensure no hot spots are left behind.

10. It is crucial to seek a medical professional or dog trainer before and during the training phase. A healthy body vitals will ensure that your pup has an enjoyable swimming experience, which can be physically exhausting.

Pro Tips:

  • The best way to learn how dogs play in the water is by interacting with them. The smaller pools or streams at dog parks make it easier for beginners like yourself who are just beginning this new skill, so take advantage of these opportunities.
  • Teach them during hot weather, as the swim will be more of a relief to them, building a positive association with the activity.
  • The energies in the room should be high and positive to speed up your learning process.
  • Beaches are a great place to find other dogs. At the popular beach location, learning becomes fun and social for them! We have discussed why beaches work better in more detail above.
  • When teaching your pup to swim, be sure they are around other dogs, or the learning curve might not have any slope. This is because of their genetic makeup, which causes them to act better in packs and follow what others do – like how these huskies used this strategy while getting trained for racing on sleds.

How To Train Your Huskies To Swim

Do Huskies Like Water

With the proper training, your dog can learn how to swim! This section will give you all the steps needed for a pup (or adult) with fur-like water.

Lead From The Front

Do Huskies Like Water

Huskies are known for being so loyal that they will even trust their owner more than anyone else. As a result, it’s essential to set an example and jump into the pool with your dog right away before asking them if they want to join in on this fun activity.

Use gentle encouragement to get them into the water. It is important not to pull or prod with force, as this could damage any progress so far! Instead, get in yourself and motivate your dog to observe how he does it – maybe even offer some treats for good behavior.

Avoid Unwanted Force

It’s important to remember that dogs are sensitive creatures. Your voice makes them feel stressed, so be kind when talking with them.

Give your dog time to get used to the water. They might not have a natural love for it, but that doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy playing around in the water.

Playing Fetch In Water

Throw something into the water that they can easily find. A stick or toy will do, but if you want them to play fetch with an item filled with their favorite treats, go ahead.

Positive Reinforcement

The more you praise your dog for trying new things, the faster they learn to enjoy swimming. Give them treats or words of encouragement when their front paws touch water so that it becomes a positive experience rather than something scary.

With this method, you can get your pup dancing in the water. If they’re not a lover at first-you can start by giving them some snacks or clickers while using their favorite things as incentives for wanting something new.

Apply Some Peer Pressure

Do Huskies Like Water

Taking your new puppy to the kiddie pool with another husky will make them feel more at home. They’ll see their peers enjoying themselves in the water and wants nothing but to join in.

If this approach is used when a person is younger, it has a better probability of working. For example, take your husky to the pool with other puppies while it’s still in the puppy stage.

End On A High

Do Huskies Like Water

The dog’s memory of the previous session will affect how it feels in future ones. If you had a good time with them, they’d yearn for more playtime, and training sessions will go much smoother since that makes your pet feel comfortable at home too!

Give Them Support

Do Huskies Like Water

Huskies are not the best swimmers among dog breeds. To help them stay afloat, hold their belly while they start swimming and doggy paddle properly.

When teaching your Husky to swim, you must give them physical support. Your presence will help boost their morale and self-confidence and make them feel safe while learning how swimming works.

Note: It is also helpful to make your Husky wear life vests. While they are still beginning swimmers, this accessory will help them feel safe. Be sure that your Husky wears it correctly by picking the correct size. Begin using it even from the initiation phase of the training.


Do Huskies Like Water

So do huskies like water? Not particularly, but many dog breeds just have to get used to it, and then your Siberian Husky may even look forward to it, especially during hot weather! As we have seen, there are dangers to both the dog and the owner regarding water. However, with proper precautions, swimming can be fun for both parties.

As a responsible husky owner, make sure you take your time in gradually introducing your Husky to water, accustoming them to different environments and conditions before taking them out on a full-fledged swim. Equip yourselves with the right gear and supplies, learn about potential hazards, teach your husky all the basics, and most importantly – have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Huskies like water?

Huskies generally detest water. They hardly ever needed to swim because they were originally bred to pull sleds. In general, a husky lacks swimming confidence.

Why do huskies drink so much water?

Increased Levels of Exercise and Overall Activity If your husky has just finished playing or running around, they may need to drink more water. This is completely necessary, especially with a husky. Their breed is known to be high-energy and very playful.

How long can huskies survive without water?

Your dog can generally go for up to 72 hours without water, but after the first 24 hours, the consequences of dehydration will start to show. Beyond that, you can be harming someone permanently.

Do huskies like to play in water?

Huskies are capable swimmers who can grow to love the water. Huskies can develop a love of swimming if given the correct water exposure. Huskies don't necessarily dislike water just because they thrive on the snow.