Cop Responds To A Call About 2 Vicious Dogs, But Then This Happened…

Meridian Police Department School Resource Officer David Gomez responded to a complaint of two vicious dogs running at large in a residential neighborhood in Meridian, Idaho.

Gomez has responded to hundreds of these calls, many of the “vicious” dogs turning out to be actually quite friendly. But this call was different. Both dogs charged toward Gomez, one of them growling and foaming at the mouth. The other one bit his baton. He held out his baton to keep the dogs back, but not once did he ever pull his gun out of his holster.

vic dogs

The dogs kept barking nonstop at Gomez, causing neighbors to come out of their houses to see what all the commotion was about. Gomez politely told them to get back inside for their own safety. Although the dogs were nasty to Gomez, he never lost his cool. He told them to “shhh, settle down” and to “sit.” Of course they didn’t listen, but Gomez still stayed calm with them. He radioed for animal control to send someone to help, but no one was immediately available. In the meantime, he continued to talk to the growling dogs and then he opened the door to his police car.

vic do1

Much to his surprise, after telling the dogs, “You want to go for a ride? Come on, let’s go for a ride!” several times, they actually listened! The smaller dog hopped right into the back seat without hesitation, and a few moments later, the bigger dog followed lead.

vic do2

Eventually they were returned to their owners, along with a citation for “vicious dogs at large,” for which Idaho requires a court date.

Although this video is just going viral now, the incident occurred a year ago. Now, Officer Gomez is being celebrated in headlines all over the country. In 2014, the agency sent two officers, Gomez being one of them, to the Defensive Tactics Canine Encounters class, which taught them a “use of force continuum and confidence in less lethal means during canine encounters, while still keeping the officer, innocent bystanders and the public’s canine companions from harm.”

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