One Man Came Up With The Perfect Solution To Save Hundreds Of Homeless Dogs’ Lives

Niš, Serbia has a very large population of homeless dogs and Sasa Pejčić is changing that in an unusual, but most heartwarming way.

When Sasa turned a former equestrian club stable into a haven for the stray dogs, he was able to rescue many dogs from the streets. Once rescued, they are vaccinated and micro-chipped. While most of them are adopted by loving families, while at the club, the dogs spend their time playing on the property and receiving tons of love from Sasa. Their nights are spent safely sleeping inside where they are warm and safe.


The cost for food and medical care adds up, but it only takes $15 a month to provide food for each dog. That doesn’t sound like a lot of money, but multiplied by 450 dogs, it really adds up.

Currently, only 88 of the dogs have sponsors who help cover their care. The Harmony Fund released the above video of the dogs playing in the sanctuary to raise awareness about Sasa’s work and hopefully encourage people to donate and save the lives of these once abandoned dogs.


Sasa said, “I don’t have time to eat properly and even less to think about a private life. You have to fight every day to provide food and care for all these animals.”

The Harmony Fund helps support the sanctuary, but needs your help . If you would like to help support this haven for homeless dogs, visit the donation page on the Harmony Fund’s website.

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