Abandoned Boxer About To Give Birth Is Rescued Just In Time…

An abandoned Florida Boxer experienced the joy of motherhood in safety thanks to a loving rescue. Java, a young Boxer, was found by a landlord, abandoned, neglected, and pregnant. He fell in love with her sweet demeanor and took her in for a bath, then asked a friend to help him find her the help she needed.
The friend, Kristen, brought Java to a vet who told her that the young dog was sick with an ear and eye infection, along with being in the late stages of pregnancy. Luckily, the Nob Hill Animal Clinic stepped up to help and just hours later, Java delivered nine beautiful puppies.
boxer b1
Java was one lucky lady because soon after giving birth, the Florida Boxer Rescue stepped in to not only care for mom, but find homes for her pups. The rescue center arranged a foster home for her across the state, and just like that, 10 lives were saved.
Sadly, not long after Java lost one of her pups, she fell ill herself. The Florida Boxer Rescue quickly worked to get mom healthy again, and keep the other puppies safe. Before they knew it, Java’s story spread, and they had more people on their puppy adoption list than there were pups. The Florida Boxer Rescue says this was a very happy ending for a story that often doesn’t end so well.
Watch the moving video to follow Java’s incredible story of rescue, love, and motherhood from beginning to end.
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