Bonded Dogs Who Got Separated At A Shelter Somehow End Up Back In The Same Family

Abby and Riley were stray dogs who lived through the worst days of their lives together, homeless and hungry.  When Alycia and Rebecca of Animal House TV heard about the two dogs entering the Adams County Pet Rescue, they noticed the first thing the staff did was separate them.

They found out later that Abby was scaling the walls of her kennel each night, only to be found sitting outside Riley’s kennel each morning.  They had never seen anything like it before!  sepsep1Abby and Riley are truly  bonded, as if they were siblings.

sep2Riley’s social personality put him right under the noses of waiting families. He was adopted to one family, and Abby to another.

Fast-forward six months, Alycia and Rebecca discovered two things: 1) Abby’s family wants a second dog, and 2) Riley’s family just returned him to the shelter.  Fate?  We think so.  Abby’s family took Riley to see Abby again, while eager and nervous to see if the dogs would remember each other. You’ll have to watch the video to see this reunion!

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