6 Things Dogs Shouldn’t Chew

Dogs are naturally curious animals who will chew on anything, including leather wallets and tennis balls. This is just one example of their resourcefulness. Chewing is a natural instinct for dogs, but if you don’t know what your pup can and cannot chew then it could be dangerous. Here are the things dogs shouldn’t chew:

1. Rawhide

Things Dogs Shouldnt Chew

Rawhides are often safe, but they can also be dangerous. Unfortunately, for big dogs with strong jaws who like to chew on something tough and solid, rawhide is a good option because they last such a long time. However, this is not an ideal choice of toy if your pup has very powerful bites that could cause him harm when it breaks into dangerous pieces. Even though your vet has given you the green light, make sure to keep an eye on your dog as he chews his rawhide.

2. Rocks

Things Dogs Shouldnt Chew

What could be worse than ice cubes? rocks of course. Rocks can actually do more damage to your pet and may even cause injury. If your dog swallows a rock, it can cause serious injury to the digestive system, or worse they get stuck in your dog’s throat, blocking air.

3. Cooked Bones

Things Dogs Shouldnt Chew

Don’t leave your dog alone with a cooked bone, even if they know how to chew. This poses hazards because the splintered pieces of broken-off bones could split and splinter and hurt them. The shards of bones could pierce the gums, tongue, or cheeks. They also have a possibility to get lodged during swallowing and end up destroying your dog’s throat.

4. Ice Cubes

Things Dogs Shouldnt Chew

Many people think it is okay to give their dog ice cubes on a hot day, but this can cause dental problems. Ice and pieces of the frozen treat will wreak havoc with your pup’s teeth. If your dog loves to chomp on ice, it may be at risk of cracking or loosening its teeth, especially to small breeds. Be sure that you have plenty of cold water available and provide semi-frozen berries as an alternative treat this summer.

5. Sticks

Things Dogs Shouldnt Chew

Dogs are masters at carrying sticks on walks and it’s adorable to watch them. Carrying is great, but chewing isn’t. Dogs love to play with sticks and wood, but the splinters could be dangerous for them. It’s not good for your dog’s inside if they swallow sharp shards of wood.

6. Tennis Balls

Things Dogs Shouldnt Chew

WellPets Animal Dental Care & Oral Surgery warns pet parents of the risks associated with large dogs who have strong jaws. According to them, these canines are capable of crushing tennis balls into pieces turning their smaller parts into major choking hazards. Dr. Bernal also added that excessive chewing on tennis balls can be damaging to your dog’s teeth. It’s a good idea to let your dog play fetch with you, but make sure they don’t chew on it afterward.

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