Security Footage Captures Monster Grabbing Scared Puppy From Truck And Leaving Him In A Mailbox

Lauren McKinzy was leaving the Pentecostal Church of Buna with her grandchildren when they spotted a tiny brown puppy in the parking lot.

Lauren explains, “After church, the boys were having a fit to take him home and he didn’t have a collar and he was hungry so we took him home.”

Little did the Texas family know, a chilling moment — which was caught on a nearby security camera — brought them and their new four-legged friend, whom they named Rari, together.

Across the street from the church is the Buna Animal Hospital. That’s where Rari became a mailbox puppy.

In the video below, posted on February 15, 2017, you can see a monster of a man hold Rari in one hand as he steps out of a car. He then walks over and, according to WDTN News, proceeds to stick Rari in a rusty mailbox, leaving her there for the entire weekend.

Apparently, the man passed the animal hospital twice and on the second lap sealed the mailbox puppy’s fate.

Rari escaped from the white mailbox somehow, looking for food or someone to help her out. Thankfully, things came full circle when the McKinzys picked up the hungry puppy, taking her in as their own.

“I just can’t see hurting a puppy,” Lauren says. “If you don’t want it, give it away.”

To see little Rari with her new family, check out the video below!

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