Pit Bulls Save Two Young Children From Poisonous Snake

Dogs are truly are “man’s best friends” and are fantastic companions. The dog in this story is not only a best friend, but a lifesaver!

A Florida woman will be forever grateful to the two loyal pit bulls she owns.

Melissa Butt’s grandchildren were outside playing one Sunday morning. Zayden is four-years-old and Mallory was one. Both children were on the lawn playing and everything seemed peaceful, when all of a sudden, Melissa’s two dogs, Slayer and Paco started furiously barking.

Melissa came outside to get a closer look…and couldn’t believe her eyes!   There in the yard was a huge copperhead snake just a few feet from her grandkids!

In order to protect the children, Slayer and Paco got into a quick battle with the venomous snake. Both dogs were bitten but eventually, Slayer finally killed the intruder.

Immediately after, both dogs were rushed to the vet and treated with antivenom. Paco spent one night in the hospital after being bitten in the leg but Slayer suffered some deep wounds to his face and nose.

Slayer eventually returned home without any lasting consequences.

Zayden told his  grandma: “Slayer protects me. Slayer protects us.”

Melissa wrote on Facebook:

“They are my boys, my protectors. Our family is beyond grateful to everyone that has helped us care for our heroes. We feel blessed that the dogs took the “bite” for the family instead of one of the kids and further blessed by the love, prayers, and support from all!!!”


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