Heartbroken Cat Refuses To Leave Her Owner’s Grave For An Entire Year

Some believe that animals don’t feel love, devotion, and attachment as strongly as we humans do.

But some cases, like this dog miraculously showing up at his owner’s funeral, seem to show that they feel just as attached to us as we do to them — and grieve just like we do.

Many animals are amazingly obedient and don’t like to leave their humans’ side for anything, and this trend can even continue after death.

This was the case for a poor Indonesian kitty who has been nuzzling, rolling around, and crying at her late owner’s gravesite for over a year.

Though people have tried to coax her inside with food, water, and a safe dry place to sleep, the mourning, meowing cat only cares about staying close to her late owner.

Learn more about this heartbroken kitty below, who helps prove that animals feel pain, loss, and grief, just like we do.

kitty won't leave grave

Many residents in Central Java, Indonesia, know of the kitty who spends her days laying in the dirt and crying around her late owner’s burial plot.

She has been offered food and water by many kind strangers, but refuses to leave the grave — and hasn’t for over a year.

kitty won't leave grave

One particular passerby, Keli Keningau Prayitno, tried to adopt the heartbroken kitty and give her a new home, but she was only interested in being back by the grave.

“I thought she was homeless and tried to help, but every time, she would keep returning to the same place,” he explained to Daily Mail.

“Since the cat’s mother died, she has stayed here at the grave. She does not want to go home. She has been here for almost a year,” he continued.

kitty won't leave grave

One day, while observing the grieving cat, Keli noticed she was taking a rare trip away from the grave — so he decided to follow her.

“I followed her and she was going to the home where she used to live, and the lady’s children would feed her,” he reported to the Daily Mail.

kitty won't leave grave

But once she was done visiting her deceased owner’s home, the sad cat headed straight back to the plot, where she sleeps in the dirt, rolls around, and meows in mourning.

Despite being offered many new homes to sleep in, along with new families to love, the little cat refuses to leave her owner’s side.

“We take some food and water to the cat, but she still likes to go home. She’s at the grave every day,” said Keli.

kitty won't leave grave

This heartbreakingly devoted furry baby is not ready to leave her owner’s side, even if the closest she can get to her is nuzzling her blue gravestone.

Keli said, “It’s very sad to see. It shows just how close animals are to their owners.”

kitty won't leave grave

When a loved one passes, it can seem almost impossible to move on from the grief, and this poor little kitty proves that animals feel this pain just as deeply as we do.

Her year-long mourning shows that everyone, four-legged or two, processes loss in their own way.

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