How Long Do Hamsters Live? Here’s What You Should Know

how long do hamsters live

How Long Do Hamsters Live

Hamsters may be wonderful additions to any home. Both children and adults will enjoy watching them play and learning from them. A hamster isn’t regarded as a long-term pet, albeit some fluctuation depends on the type of hamster you own and how well he’s cared for.

Here are some tips from Molly Flynn of Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue on caring for your hamster and getting the most out of his time with you, the rescuer.

What is the average hamster’s life span?

While the lifespan of wild hamsters varies, domesticated hamsters have a life expectancy of two to three years on average, as previously noted.

Flynn told us that “the larger the hamster, the longer he has been known to live.” Due to their size, the Syrian hamster breed is expected to live longer than the dwarf hamster kinds.

Because hamsters have such a short lifespan, they go through the stages of their lives swiftly. They’re born without fur, blind, and deaf, but they’re sexually mature in just 4–6 weeks. A hamster is considered old when it reaches the age of a year and a half.

How long do hamsters live as pets?

how long do hamsters live

According to Flynn, a lot of this depends on the hamster’s pet parent.

How long hamsters live is heavily influenced by the quality of care it receives, according to Flynn. As far as how long your hamster lives, the quality of its environment, food, and medical care are all important factors. Cleaning the environment on a regular basis is critical, as is keeping tabs on the animals’ food and water intake. The sooner you know what your hamster’s ‘normal’ is, the sooner you can spot any abnormalities and get them to the vet!”

Hamsters, too, benefit from a peaceful life. According to Flynn, “It helps to keep their stress level low.” They should be kept in a quieter place where they can sleep easily during the day and not be disturbed frequently.” A greater emphasis on proper hamster care is resulting in longer lives for the rodents.

That’s great news for hamster owners everywhere who know what wonderful pets these rodents can be… the importance of cherishing the time you have together, no matter how short it may be.