Adorable Parti Yorkie Breed Information 2024

Parti Yorkie

It is always interesting to see how the world of dogs changes and evolves with time. One such example would be Parti Yorkies, who are part purebred Yorkshire Terrier but also have a recessive gene that produces different colors variation than what we’re used to with tri-colors or multiples. These unique breeds increasing popularity has some people questioning if they should still call themselves “Yorkies” since there’s no actual connection between this type as opposed to before, when every puppy could potentially end up being either black/blue or silver.

The 2000s were when the Parti Yorkie became more popular than ever before! This small dog with a white, chocolate, or black patch on its coat can be produced through two traditionally-colored Yorkies who carry this gene. But what’s even better? After The American Kennel Club officially recognized it in 2001, there was an increase of people breeding these dogs, creating a demand for them among other enthusiasts like you and me.

When people didn’t know what to make of Yorkies with Parti coloring, they were often killed. But two breeders took it upon themselves in the early 2000s–Gloria Lipman and Loryn Bogren– to figure out why these dogs existed so that we could finally recognize them for their beauty instead.

The breeder learned that Parti Yorkies are genetic replicas of the original Yorkshire terrier, so they reached out and conducted DNA testing on 42 litters. After determining it was just as authentic with their own breed’s pure bloodline in mind -the American Kennel Club (AKC) accepted them into its ranks. Today, these cute, colorful dogs receive the respect and love they deserve.

Parti Yorkie Appearance

Parti Yorkie

Yorkies are one of the most popular dog breeds in America. They come with their own set, unique coloration, and personality, making them stand out from other dogs! This tiny puppy can be found weighing between 4-7 pounds up to 14 – 19 lbs.; however, they typically maintain an 8-inch height when standing tall on four robust legs– larger than average if you ask me (I’m pretty short)!

They have long, supple coats in a variety of colors. Although there isn’t a definite standard for Parti coloring, some coats follow specific patterns. Other times, the skins are speckled with hues that don’t match the typical color of a Yorkie.

Golden Parti Yorkies come in various colors, including gold and light blonde. Unlike other breeds on the market today dominated by black or dark blue fur coats, these dogs only have bright golden coat patterns to admire.

Chocolate parties within the Yorkie breed are unfamiliar, but they do exist. A chocolate Parti Yorkshire terrier has brown patches on its coat that contrast with black or white fur elsewhere, creating an attractive appearance for this rare trait type. It carries two copies each from both parents’ genes responsible for determining coloration patterns.

Yorkies come in various colors and patterns, from the classic white with black spots or tan markings on its body to more creative options like silver-and-black patrology.

The AKC requires that Yorkshire Terriers have docked tails if they are going to meet the breed standard or be professionally shown. This applies equally to Party Yorkies, though for different reasons than usual. The main one is aesthetics and how it looks rather than any health benefits associated with having an unsheathed tail (though these exist). The procedure involves cutting off about 1/2 inch of hair at birth based on what our parents’ DNA tells us will make them look most attractive; puppies grow fast, so this doesn’t matter too much until around 2 – 5 days old new hairs start showing up.

Parti Yorkie

Parti Yorkie History

According to historical records, a tri-colored Yorkshire Terrier was initially mentioned in a book from the 18th century. This Yorkie, Tassel, was mentioned in the works of Ernest Hemingway.

Yorkies were originally bred as hunting dogs, but not many people had them spayed and neutered. This meant female Yorkies could get pregnant by breeds like Maltese dogs since they share the same genetic makeup! To fix this issue with inbreeding (and makeups), there is now an easier way to create your very own particolored pup–you just need two parents who are both Partys.

Yorkies are a popular breed of dog, but when these Parti Yorkie dogs first appeared in litters of two traditionally colored york, they were thought to be low quality and not purebred. Breeders didn’t want their reputation tarnished by producing them, so most went unnoticed or were put down quietly because nobody knew where this type came from until someone discovered that it was an overlooked variety within the larger standard-looking category – now we know.

Because the Parti gene is so challenging to detect, it may remain dormant until two Yorkies harboring the gene breed. When Parti Yorkies appear in the litter, they are no longer viewed as outsiders.

Parti Yorkie

Parti Yorkie Personality and Temperament

Yorkies are tiny yet energetic and affectionate dogs who enjoy spending time with their families. They’re not afraid to tell you they’ll scream if someone comes near your house. The perfect companion for anyone looking at an adorable pet that needs plenty of love.

Parti Yorkies are one of the most friendly breeds around! These intelligent little dogs were raised from puppyhood with other pets in their household. They don’t tend to be aggressive or territorial towards humans but might bark at unfamiliar animals outside your home if you have a small yard, for example, where they can patrol safely while staying protected against predators such as giant dog breeds that could harm them (though this would just happen sometimes).

The best way to enjoy your pup is by following their every move. These dogs are good with children but would be best suited for older ones due to the size factor and mild possessiveness they may appear to display when around tiny toddlers or other pets in danger of being stepped on (which could cause injury). Though any type loves attention from friends & family alike, it’s crucial not to forget about giving these guys some alone time too.

Parti Yorkie

Training and Exercise for Parti Yorkie

Yorkies are small dogs, but they still require daily exercise. One or two good walks will be enough to keep them happy and healthy. Walking for 20-25 minutes in the morning, after work before bedtime is best since it provides mental stimulation and physical activity that lasts all day.

If you want to keep your Parti Yorkie active and happy, then games of fetch are an excellent way for them to spend some time outdoors. They don’t require strenuous activity but will enjoy running around with their favorite toy or ball.

Though Parti Yorkies are intelligent dogs, they can be tough to house train. These little guys have a small bladder and a tendency towards separation anxiety when away from their owners; sometimes, it takes up to two years before your pup can be potty trained. Some always seem unable or unwilling (or both) to use indoor pads instead of outside ones – which could make life easier for you since all accidents will happen inside instead.

You’ll want to watch the small dog syndrome with your Parti Yorkie. They may sometimes exhibit this behavior, but it’s easy to avoid if you pay attention and socialize them early.

Parti Yorkie

Signs of Small Dog Syndrome

  • Grousing when they want something
  • Growling at humans and other animals
  • Aggression
  • Leaping on people and furniture
  • Refusing to obey commands
  • Unwilling to walk on a leash
  • They do not respond when you call their name.

Usually, with dogs this size, it’s easy to ignore their behavior. The pup is tiny, and if they don’t come when called or walk on a leash, you can just pick them up – no big deal! If your pet prefers not having food given as an option, then there’s always some tiny piece of choice treat nearby, so all he needs to do is ask for more. This teaches him nothing new because everyone knows what happens in these situations.

Working with a professional trainer or enrolling your dog in training sessions will encourage good behavior and discourage bad habits.

Parti Yorkie Common Health Issues

Parti Yorkie

Parti Yorkies, like typical Yorkies, have 12–15 years of lifespan. As with many purebred dogs, they carry a predisposition to various health issues.

To get the best Yorkie pup possible, ensure your thorough research on breeders. A responsible breeder will only produce healthy dogs who can significantly reduce their risk for these ailments by getting genetic testing before breeding to know what genes have been passed down through generations of this particular type.

Purchasing a puppy from an ethical breeder is the way to go. You’ll have peace of mind that your new pet will come with all their shots and be trained in proper behavior patterns and healthy. Not only do you help pay for those costs, but you also get added benefits like helping breed more animals which can lead to cheaper prices down the line; not bad considering what we could’ve done without them before.

When buying from people with dogs with accidental litterings, mills, or backyard breeders, you’re not guaranteed that the pup is healthy. You pay for any vet bills incurred after purchase, and if their care was negligent, then there could be a significant expense in raising them to adulthood. Parti Yorkie owners should be aware of the following health issues that may arise over their pet’s lifetime.


Yorkies are tiny dogs with little storage capacity for glucose, so if their owner notices hypoglycemia such as vomiting or weakness, it’s essential to take your dog straight away. Signs may include a rapid heartbeat and changes in breathing patterns caused by low blood sugar levels, which can be treated by rubbing honey onto the gums before giving them some syrup (or juice).

Dental Problems

Parti Yorkies are often subject to dental issues, such as plaque buildup and tartar. When this starts happening, the teeth can become decayed or infected, which then spreads through their body, causing bad breath; you must keep your pet’s mouth clean by brushing them regularly so they don’t get too far ahead in terms of disease transmission before we see signs like these.

Legg-Perthes Disease

This genetic disease affects the hip joint and femur. The bone begins to deteriorate, causing pain which is often unbearable for those suffering from it; they are unable to walk without assistance or limping significantly due in part that their muscles had lost all strength over time as well when compared with before diagnosis was made at some point during treatments process.

A diagnosis can only be confirmed through an x-ray exam, but even then, there’s no guarantee someone will need surgery because sometimes healing occurs depending on how far along this condition development has gone.

Retinal Dysplasia

Many people are unaware that Party Yorkies can suffer from a genetic disease. This condition causes abnormal retinal development, leading to complete detachment and blindness in the dog! The symptoms typically show up during childhood or infancy and will affect both eyesight–you might notice your pet having trouble seeing things clearly when walking stairs, for example, if he has difficulty getting his sight back after jumping off furniture too quickly without looking first.

With vision loss, your dog can still live a happy life. There’s no treatment for this condition, but by memorizing the layout of their house and where all food bowls are located, they will be able to do just fine with partial or complete blindness.

Luxating Patella

If you notice your dog constantly stretching its leg backward as if trying to realign the kneecap in place. They may even skip a few steps on stairs or carry themselves up with an elevated back paw (especially if it’s sore). This is because, over time, there has been some loss of muscle control resulting from repetitive stress placed upon them by this condition- which can be genetic but also caused due to injury at one point during development when they were young.

Your vet will diagnose this through an x-ray. Most minor cases involve medication for the pain and inflammation of the area, while keeping your dog at a healthy weight should also help them avoid surgery if possible.

Collapsed Trachea

Collapsed tracheas are a severe issue for dogs and require immediate attention. The most common cause of this condition is injury, like pulling hard against the collar when they walk or getting caught in a vicious animal trap; however, it can also be genetic (inherited). Symptoms include coughing that won’t stop even after taking breaks from breathing deeply through their nose- difficulty eating due to gagging–allowing you to know your pet likely has months before death comes knocking on his/her door.

Anti-inflammatories and anti-coughing medications can be provided to help ease the symptoms of this disorder. Having your dog slim down if necessary will also be beneficial.

Liver Shunt

This is a condition in which the puppy’s liver does not develop properly. It remains open, allowing blood to flow through it, but it is unable for nutrients or oxygenation because it lacks function.

The liver allows toxins to store in the body if it isn’t working correctly. This condition includes lethargy, vomiting, and seizures – all signs seen on an animal with small puppies who are inactive without much muscle mass because their livers aren’t functioning well enough.

A liver shunt is typically diagnosed with blood work and an MRI or CT scan. If it’s severe, surgery may be necessary to relieve the pressure on your liver; however, this will depend upon what type of medication you’re taking at time-if.


The pancreas is a vital organ that allows the body to break down food into nutrients. When it becomes inflamed, this can lead to hazardous symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting, which will cause your dog significant discomfort in addition to other ailments like lethargy or lack of appetite.

Your dog may need to be hospitalized if the issue is severe. Fluids and antibiotics are frequently necessary for recovery, but a low-fat diet will likely help them maintain long-term weight loss benefits after recovery.

Parti Yorkie Grooming

Yorkies have beautiful coats but need regular brushing to keep it that way. Brushing your dog daily will remove any mats or debris caught in their fur and ensure you give them all the love possible.

Make sure to bathe your pup once per month or whenever they are dirty. Shampoo them with dog-friendly products and rinse thoroughly so that the dirt doesn’t scratch your skin.

Trimming Coats

Parti Yorkie

In the warmer months, your dog needs to have its coat trimmed, so it doesn’t get too long and start blocking vision. Yorkies are known for having sleek-looking fur, but if you let them grow without maintenance, they can also become messy. Grooming shops are an excellent option for those who want their dog’s coat and nails cleaned.

Regular Nail Clipping

Parti Yorkie

If you don’t feel comfortable clipping your pet’s nails, it might be a good idea for them to see the vet or groomer. Your furry friend will thank us (and so do all of us!)

Your dog’s ears can be a susceptible area, and it is essential to keep them clean. If you notice any signs of infection, such as swelling or foul odor in the ear canal, then contact your vet immediately because they will give medication that should clear up what seems like an infected conspiracy fast! Keeping those trumpets dry with cotton balls covered by olive oil before application helps, too; just make sure not to let anything get into there where bacteria could build up over time (like if the wax gets stuck).

Adopting a Parti Yorkie

Parti Yorkie

The Parti Yorkie is a rare breed of Yorkie with the recessive gene that produces color variation. They can be hard to find since only one in four puppies will have this trait, so it’s best to check your local dog breeder or show potential buyers their options before purchasing from someone who does not specialize in these dogs. 

Responsible breeders should not have puppies available all of the time. It is normal to wait for a litter before they are born, and you want your new family member with as many parents as possible! The breeder can answer any questions about their dogs’ health or give permission for visits so there won’t be anything hidden from view when it comes time to pick out which pup will become yours forevermore – do research prior by asking around locally first, though because these things take effort.

The puppy cost can vary depending on where you buy from, but most breeders charge between $2K -$4 500. It’s essential to ensure that your new pup has all their vaccines and deworming because it will save money in the long run if they are healthy.

The Yorkie you’re looking for is waiting! You can save a life and get your hands on one of these adorable dogs. The Parti breeders usually charge between $150 – 300, but if they don’t have it available in their rescue, there’s always an older dog that needs homes too.

Parti Yorkie Ownership Experience Level

Parti Yorkie

Parti Yorkies are some of the most adorable dogs, but they require patience from their owners. The first few years your puppy lives with you will be spent working on house training and teaching them how to behave appropriately around people or other animals outside their family – this takes time.

Some dogs have different personalities; some may be very easy to train while others are impossible. This depends on the individual dog’s personality- it can’t hurt you expect either way.
The best thing about this breed is that they’re incredibly loyal, which makes them worth working hard for, in my opinion; after all, we want our pets happy, right?

Housetraining is a process that may take years and, in some cases, never be done perfectly at all. In this case, potty pads inside the house could work well for Yorkies who have small bladders because it’s impossible to take them outside whenever they need to go–but these intelligent dogs can learn commands with patience as long as you use positive reinforcement training methods.

Yorkies can be among the most rewarding breeds for first-time dog owners if you have the patience and the desire to build a healthy relationship with your pup. A Parti Yorkie, on average, is more dominant than other strains, which means they might not listen as well or follow commands easily; but this doesn’t mean it’s impossible! It just takes suitable training methods to ensure everything goes smoothly between both parties involved.

It’s always a delight when people with experience as dog owners decide they want to add another pup into the mix. They know what this particular breed is all about and can train them quickly, so everyone has fun.

Conclusion: Parti Yorkie Breed Information

Yorkies are a breed of dog with coloration similar to terriers, but they’re not as rugged. What you’ll find with this pet is that it’s friendly and happy-go-lucky – perfect for someone looking forward to an affectionate addition to their life! These can be strong-willed sometimes, so the owner must commit fully to bringing home Parti Yorkie.

There are many responsible breeders out there who will happily answer any questions you have about their dogs. Be sure to research before buying a puppy from an unknown breeder, so the dog doesn’t suffer from medical problems like Yorkshire Terriers.

Grooming is essential for Yorkies because their long coats can become matted. If you do not groom your pet, it may grow infested with mats which could lead to painful problems in the future like entanglement or infections from shampooing accidents on skin that isn’t adequately cleaned first (especially around the eyes). Make sure they’re always well taken care of by visiting an experienced professional whenever needed.

If you are looking for the perfect pet, this is it. Every care has been taken to ensure your new furry friend meets all his needs while receiving tons of love from those around him! You can start training and socializing right away, so he’ll be happy in no time at all-plus there will always remain some extra snuggles available when needed.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Do Parti Yorkies bark a lot?

A: Yes. Yorkies are pretty vocal. They’ll bark at everything from an unfamiliar noise to when they want playtime, but this can be trained out of them early on by incorporating training measures into your pup’s life from day one.

Q: Are Parti Yorkies good dogs?

A: The Parti Yorkie is often considered the ideal family pet. They’re noted for being gentle, loyal, and loving with people or other dogs! This small breed loves attention from those they encounter in their everyday lives–you’ll find them extremely intelligent, too; these pups can learn new things very quickly, making training easier than most other breeds on hand (though still not an easy task!).

Q: What is the difference between a Biewer Terrier and a Parti Yorkie?

A: The German terrier is a breed of its own, while the Parti Yorkie combines elements from two different breeds to create an individualized-looking dog. This new creation gave rise not only to Mr. but also to Mrs. Biewer’s efforts which led them on their journey into creating this unique colored canine companionship with all sorts of personalities.