Hotels That Allow Dogs In 2024

hotels that allow dogs

After more than a year of staying close to home, you’re probably (like most people) pretty excited to finally book a hotel and start traveling. And, of course, you, just like other pet owners, want to bring your dog with you. As a result, he’s been cooped up in his house, too.

Dog-friendly hotel chains can be found all over the world, and he’d probably enjoy the ride. If you don’t want to hire a dog sitter and want to travel with your pet, we have a list of pet-friendly hotels that allow dogs. It’s always a good idea to check with the specific hotel you’re interested in before making a reservation.

10 Hotels That Allow Dogs in 2022

hotels that allow dogs

A lot may not be aware, but there are numerous pet friendly hotels specifically dog friendly hotels that pet owners can check out. If you’re lucky enough with your search, there may be pet friendly hotel chains that accept up to two pets or you can find hotels that accept large dogs. Here are some pet friendly locations you can look up.

Marriott Hotels

More than 1,500 Marriott properties allow guests to bring their pets along for the trip. Moreover, many of these locations have amenities that are specifically designed to make your pet’s stay more pleasant.

The Ritz-Carlton, Aloft Hotels, Residence Inn, JW Marriott, SpringHill Suites, W Hotels, and Westin Hotels are just a few of the Marriott hotel brands that allow pets.

Every business has its own pet-friendly rules and regulations. However, in general, you can count on a pet fee, breed restrictions, and weight restrictions for the majority of them.

Kimpton Hotels

When it comes to accommodating guests with pets, Kimpton Hotels really goes the extra mile. Pet-friendly amenities are available at a large number of their properties. They’ve been a dog-friendly hotel chain since its founding in 1981. There are no breed or weight restrictions for pets, you don’t have to pay a pet fee, and you’re allowed to bring as many as you want.

Pets staying at the hotel will receive a complimentary dog bed or cat scratching post made in the United States, as well as leashes, bowls, gourmet dog treats, and poop bags.

Many establishments also have a director of pet relations, who is a dog on staff who welcomes guests and tests all of the fun dog amenities available.

Comfort Inn

Pets are welcome at Comfort Inn and Suites, a budget hotel chain. There may be breed restrictions on the number of pets you can bring with you. As for large dogs, the hotel recommends calling ahead of time (which you should definitely do anyway!) to get prior approval from the management.

You’ll also have to pay a pet fee when you stay at the Comfort Inn. Don’t plan on sleeping with your dog, either, because there is a strict rule against pets on beds. In that case, you must bring your own dog beds. Pets are not allowed in the hotel’s common areas.

Best Western

1,600 pet-friendly Best Western hotels are available in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean.

Pets are welcome at these establishments, and some even provide designated areas for walking your dog and on-site pet waste facilities. There are even recommendations for nearby pet-friendly parks, stores, and restaurants when you check-in at the hotel.

You are allowed to bring two dogs, but they must each weigh no more than 80 pounds. It’s possible to bring pets, but you’ll have to get permission from each individual property first, according to the website. A pet deposit of up to $150 per stay, refundable upon check-out, may be required in addition to the daily fee of $30 per room or a weekly maximum of $150.

Call ahead to make sure the Best Western can accommodate you and your dog, as you should with any pet-friendly hotel.

La Quinta Inn & Suites

The majority of La Quinta Inn’s properties allow guests to bring their pets along in the hotel rooms. However, there are some limitations. A maximum of two pets per room is permitted, and they must be dogs or cats. The pet fee ranges from $40 to $100, depending on the size and breed of the animal you bring.

Quality Inn

Only two pets are allowed per room, and there may be weight and breed restrictions (large dog owners should call beforehand to get approval from the specific hotel). It is forbidden to keep pets on the beds or in the common areas of the hotel. There’s also a pet fee.

DoubleTree By Hilton

More than 120 DoubleTree hotels are pet-friendly. Before booking any pet-friendly hotel, make sure you call ahead and let them know your pet will be joining you. There’s also a $75 nonrefundable cleaning fee for pets.

Ascend Hotel Collections

Ascend is a small hotel with a lot of different rooms. Some of the hotels will charge extra for pets, like a deposit or a $10–$75 nightly fee. There may also be rules about the breed or size of your dog.

Four Seasons

Many Four Seasons properties are pet-friendly and even offer high-end services like a special menu, grooming services, and free pet supplies. At some locations, they also take care of pets. Most of the time, it doesn’t cost extra to bring your pet with you to the Four Seasons, but some of the extra services might.

Loews Hotels and Resorts

Another hotel chain that goes above and beyond for pets is Loews Hotels. Pets get treats, bowls, and placemats as soon as they check-in. If you forgot something at home, they also have a lot of other pet supplies behind the counter, like litter boxes and dog toys.

There are also gourmet room service menus for both cats and dogs, as well as a map of a dog-walking route. There is a limit of two pets per room, and there may be a fee.