Bernedoodle Dog Breed Latest Information & Photos 2024


Are you thinking about adding a Bernedoodle to your family? Bernedoodles are a mix of Bernese Mountain Dogs and Poodles, and they make great pets. They are energetic and playful but also loving and loyal. This Bernedoodle breed is newly popular, and there’s a lot of information on them. We’ve gathered the most current information and photos of Bernedoodles to see what they’re like. Keep reading to learn more.

History of the Bernedoodle


The adorable, little-known Bernedoodle is a new breed that was created in 2003. The Bernedoodle has been trendy since its inception, just like many crossbreeds are on the market today! The parents of the Bernedoodle were both old breeds with long histories – one being German Shar Pei, while another comes from China’s Activision Fortune Dog.


Combine a poodle parent with a Bernese mountain dog parent, and voila – you have the newest designer dogs kennel club member, the Bernedoodle! Crossing purebred dogs is not a new trend, but it seems there are unique variations designed yearly that enter the American canine hybrid club and take it by storm. As with any designer breed, dealing with a responsible breeder who understands the dog breeds and their bloodlines is essential. They should be part of the designer breed registry and fully understand the personality traits that come along with these mixed breed beauties.

Reputable Bernedoodle breeders can be found fairly easily, despite this being a relatively new breed. Find a reputable breeder by researching and consulting the American kennel club for a list of such breeders.

Bernese Mountain Dogs


The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large, docile breed in the Swiss Alps. They were initially designed to be all-around farm dogs and protect your property from unwanted livestock or people trying to get inside. A purebred Bernese mountain dog was originally bred to be a working dog, though today’s versions of the Bernese mountain dog make great family dogs.


Bernese Mountain Dog is famous among Swiss, Austrian, and German families due to its calm nature. They are very friendly with people and other dogs and do not require much training; if you visit any restaurant or beer garden during summertime, there’s likely one under the table sleeping.


These gentle giants are generally friendly with kids and other dogs. They can protect their home, but they’re not scared or skittish. The Bernese Mountain Dog will bark if someone tries to break in, so you know he’ll protect what’s important too.



Poodle is one of Germany’s most famous and recognizable breeds. These water dogs have been working tirelessly with their owners on duck hunting since they first started evolving as a breed centuries ago.


Toy poodles are often portrayed as dainty dogs that need a lot of grooming and mostly go to dog shows, but they’re knowledgeable. They are devoted pets who will do anything for their owners. The toy poodle and miniature poodle are similar in stature and much smaller than a standard poodle.

They have a curly coat that is durable and hypoallergenic, making them perfect for families with children. They also offer a low shedding rate which is excellent if you want your dog to be close by but not all over everything. The purebred poodle is brilliant – these brilliant dogs will impress you daily with their skills and personality traits.

When you mix these two breeds, you get an excellent hybrid known as the Bernedoodle! Whether you have a toy bernedoodle or a standard bernedoodle once again depends on the sizes of the parent dogs. If the parent breed is large, you’ll end up with a standard bernedoodle, whereas a small Bernese mountain dog and a toy poodle parent would create what is known as a mini bernedoodle or a toy bernedoodle.

Do Bernedoodles Shed?


One of the best reasons to get a Poodle cross is their tendency not to shed as much! They have a wavy coat type, though depending on their poodle parents, they might possess curly coats instead. Regardless of the texture of their fur, these low shedding coat pets are trendy to people on the hunt for the “right dog.” Dog lovers all over rave about this non-shedding dog.


Important reminder: We know that not all Poodle Mixes are created equal, but we also cannot guarantee your new pup will shed less than other dogs. While this is true for most crosses except for certain parent breeds (like German Shepherds), it’s impossible to predict qualities by looking at them reliably.

Even though your Bernedoodle will probably not shed much, grooming your Bernedoodle will not just keep him looking good; it can also help with any health problems that may arise.
Maintaining the hair on his body and keeping nails short are essential for preventing  MBbern from shaving down there.

If you don’t take care of your Bernedoodle, they will mat and quickly become unmanageable. You should plan how often to groom him/her so that he/she doesn’t get too many baths or haircuts from being dirty all over town.

The longer you keep your Bernedoodle’s coat, the more often he will need to be brushed. In cold weather, you will keep your Bernedoodle’s skin longer as a source of warmth and insulation.

Grooming is vital to keep your dog’s coat healthy and shiny. Many Bernedoodles’ owners think their dogs don’t need it because of the low shedding rate, but if you want him looking his best in show-time or just everyday living, then an occasional brush will help.

Your dog’s diet will also affect their coat type, so don’t forget only to feed them the best available!

Traits of the Bernedoodle


The Bernedoodle is a cross-breed, so it has an attractive appearance with bags of character. Most are pretty tall. They’ll grow up to 29 inches and weigh about 90 pounds. Some view them as excellent guard dogs, not because of their aggressive Bernedoodle temperament but because their stature is entirely something to behold. Standard Bernedoodles will take your breath away as adult dogs.


There’s a chance your new Bernedoodle pup could stay small if they’re the offspring of a tiny or toy-size doodle. You might call them Mini Bernedoodles; they typically weigh around 20 pounds.

As a result of their mixed heritage, most Bernedoodles have an attractive coat color similar to the Berne Mountain Dog. Sometimes they come in shades or tones unlike any other breed on this list.

The Beredoodle is a mix of the Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog. This long, wavy coated pooch sheds less than most dogs with double coats.

Bernedoodle Temperament


It is no secret that the Bernedoodle makes a great family pet. While they may not be as energetic or athletic as other dog breeds, this dog still has its fair share of energy and can keep up with most folks. They appreciate a good run at the dog park with other dogs, as they are active and friendly from a young age. Early socialization helps this mixed breed to maintain the friendliness it has become known for on the international designer canine registry.


If you are looking for an easy-going pet that doesn’t require much attention, Bernedoodle is an excellent choice. They have been more laid back than other breeds and can get along well with children if raised from puppyhood without any harsh training methods.

The Bernedoodle is a friendly, social dog that loves to meet new people and animals. This doodle will often stay puppy-like for several years before settling into an adult persona.

These dogs are so friendly that they want to be around children and other pets. They’re perfect for families who enjoy spending time with their dogs, but these pups don’t do well in outside-only or kennel-based lifestyles because they need interaction with humans regularly.

Health Concerns for Bernedoodle dog breed


While the Bernedoodle is an overall very healthy breed, these are some issues that seem to be specific to them that you’ll want to be aware of: Hip dysplasia and Elbow dysplasia. Though not substantial health concerns, if you notice your bernedoodle showing signs of hip and elbow dysplasia, you’ll want to consult with your veterinarian sooner than later so they can help find a suitable solution.

Training for Bernedoodle

Bernedoodle Bernedoodle Dog Breed Latest Information & Photos 2024

The Bernedoodle is a friendly, well-behaved breed that can grow up to be your best friend. However – as with any dog – it doesn’t happen by itself!


Bernedoodle needs to be trained on how best not to show his excitement when around people or animals. Owners report that they have spent time working with these dogs, so they learn good manners at all times, even if excited by something exciting happening nearby such as another pet running through the door.

  • training their puppy not to chew furniture
  • working on their puppy’s mouthiness
  • calm behavior around dogs and other pets
  • leash walking training
  • training their puppy to not jump on people

It’s essential to be consistent about training when your Bernedoodle puppy is young. If you wait until they’re 70+ lbs and have been practicing lousy behavior for months, it will make changing those habits much more difficult.

This is why it’s so important to have a well-trained pup. You might think your daily training sessions need extended hours and endless reps, but in reality, just three minutes each day will make all the difference.

Deciding on a Bernedoodle

Bernedoodle Bernedoodle Dog Breed Latest Information & Photos 2024

The Bernedoodle is an adorable mix breed that will make you want to decide in a heartbeat. However, before making important decisions about your future pet and home life, owners like yourself should consider several critical aspects of owning this peppy little pup.


Bernedoodle is very intelligent and requires a lot of exercise. They’re also quite energetic, so it’s essential to take care when training them during their puppy stages. Still, once they grow up, these poodle-bred spouses can be very loyal companions with an independent streak that doesn’t match any other breed I know.

A Bernedoodle is not the suitable dog for you if:

  • You are searching for a dog that does not require training and exercise
  • You like a couch potato dog
  • You don’t want to groom your dog
  • You want a dog that can stay by himself for many hours
  • You don’t want an outgoing, people-loving dog

A Bernedoodle is a suitable dog for you if:

Finding your Puppy Breeder


When you’re ready to say yes and get your own Bernedoodle, the best place is right here. If we want our dogs’ healthy, happy lives as family members, they must go through an enriching period in their early weeks after birth, as all other animals do.


You should also inquire if your breeder tests the parents of any puppy they sell for specific conditions. For example, Bernese Mountain Dogs and Poodles are prone to hip & elbow dysplasia (largely genetic). Make sure that these hips/elbows don’t carry over into future generations by checking with an x-ray before bringing home one from their litter!

When you find a breeder who “clicks” with your personality and cares about the environment in which their puppies are raised, it will be worth every extra hour of drive time.

Responsible breeders might require that you neuter or spay your Bernedoodle puppy at a certain age. This is not abused; instead, they strive to prevent their offspring’s irresponsible cross-breeding.

What does a Bernedoodle puppy cost?


Prices for designer dogs are always high, but the cost of a Bernedoodle puppy will vary depending on what you’re looking to purchase. Expect your bill—which may range from $1K-5k–to go up even more when it comes time to find yourself an adorable white labradoodle.


The lifetime value of this dog is so high that it’s worth every penny. You’ll have your pup for 12 to 15 years, and then he or she will still be around when you retire.

Bernedoodle is a breed that many people find themselves falling in love with and unable to imagine their life without them. They’re social, happy-go-lucky dogs who will make great companions no matter what you do or where the adventure takes place.

How come Bernedoodles cost so much?


It takes a lot of work to breed healthy puppies. Responsible Bernedoodle breeders ensure their dogs are from parents with good temperaments and are checked for any genetic conditions that could also pass on.

Raising Bernedoodle puppies properly is essential because they need high-quality food, lots of interaction and socialization, and toys. Responsible breeders will check their dogs before letting them go home with new owners so that everything goes smoothly for both parties involved.

The Bernedoodle is a one-of-the-kind breed. Those who have never seen or met an adorable pudgy dog with long hair might seem expensive, but it’s because these dogs take up so much time and love from their owners.



Bernedoodles are the perfect addition to any family. Bernedoodle is a mix of the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Poodle, making it a sturdy yet adorable pet. They’re playful, loving, and make great companions. If you’re looking for a new furry friend, add a Bernedoodle to your list of potential pets!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why you should not get a Bernedoodle?

Beredoodles are great for people who work long hours because they can help take the edge off your stress when you're away from them. You should sign up to give bernie some doggy daycare so he has something fun in his life on those days where it's just too much trouble coming home early.

What problems do Bernedoodles have?

The Bernedoodle is a healthy breed, but it's essential to know that they may be predisposed to certain conditions, including hip dysplasia, elbow problems, eye issues, skin disorders like allergies, and hot spots. In addition, all breeds can get sick sometimes; however, the doodle has been shown to resist illness more often than other dogs in this category and to face challenges less frequently.

What you need to know about Bernedoodles?

Your new best friend is a Bernedoodle! These loyal, affectionate canines get the best of both worlds from their parent breeds - they're playful and love spending time with you. You'll never want to let this cute pup go (and if it's not already clear: yes, he will follow).

What kind of personality do Bernedoodles have?

Meet the perfect pet for your family. Affectionate and playful, this dog is a great companion as children grow up to be adults! They especially love younger kids who give them attention throughout their lives together - what more could you want in an animal friend? Though these pups tend towards goofy personalities (just look at those grins), they're still intelligent enough that any human will find themselves impressed with how much knowledge comes out when playtime ends.