2 Dogs Crashed Pool Party And Everyone Is Overjoyed

A few guests noticed two dogs loitering on the yard’s perimeter fence in the middle of a pool party. A group of partygoers went over to check on the dogs, who seemed eager to join in the festivities. When a dog had a tag, they decided to let the rest of the dogs out of the house so they could find their owners.

Despite one dog’s reluctance to join the festivities, the other jumped into the fray.

A partygoer, Jennifer Motes, told the Dodo that she and her friends were all spread out across the deck, pool, and backyard at the time. Unfortunately, these two dogs crashed pool party and were in full-on party mode right away, wagging their tail as they went up to everyone to be petted.

Dogs Crashes Pool Party

The golden retriever, later identified as Stoker, was having a good time, as evidenced by his antics. Without hesitation, he joined in the fun and ran around playing fetch, begging for food and shoes, and eventually even hopping into the pool with the rest of the group.

Dogs Crashes Pool Party

A few swimmers had maneuvered an innertube raft to the brink, and Stoker jumped on it without hesitation. “He swam, got a lot of hugs and kisses, and floated around the pool.” But unfortunately, neither the shepherd nor Stoker were brave enough to swim in the pool. Instead, they both stood on the edge of the water and chased after each other.

Dogs Crashes Pool Party

Somebody managed to contact Stoker’s father, who confirmed that the other dog belonged to his neighbor and stated that Stoker and the dog were inseparable. As it turned out, the two of them had taken off together in search of a party, and they’d indeed found one.

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The dogs stayed for a few hours before being picked up, and the hosts made it clear that they were welcome to return anytime. So adding dogs to a pool party was Stoker and his best friend’s dream come true.