Blind Man’s Dog Returned With Apology Note From Guilty Thieves

While Tian Fengbo, a blind man was out walking one day when someone suddenly snatched his seeing-eye dog from him and escaped in a van. The poor man was terrified. Many dogs that are stolen are used in dog fighting rigs as bait dogs, where it’s likely that they’ll succumb to their injuries. The chance of finding them again is very slim.

But in a strange turn of events, Fengbo had his dog returned to him, by the very people who had stolen them in the first place.

The event was very distressing for Fengbo, as he depended on that dog to help him get around during his daily activities. The dog, named Qiaoqiao, is only one of the ten service dogs that exist in China.

Thankfully, the license plate of the van was tracked down. Tian was concerned that his dog would be turned over to the meat market where he’d never been seen again. However, within thirty-five hours, he had his dog at his side again, thanks to the thieves who took sympathy on him.

The thieves returned the dog to the massage clinic Tian owns, with a note on the dog’s collar that said: “Please forgive us.”

Likely they returned the dog because of the media attention this case brought.

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