Dog Gets On The Bus Alone, Then Commuters Realize Note Around Her Neck Is A Bus Pass

Bus riders in Belltown, Washington, have noticed something strange during their commutes recently: a black Labrador on the bus by herself, without her owner.

The commuters in this Seattle suburb started noticing the black dog a while ago, but she only recently became famous for her bus-riding antics. Seattle is very dog-friendly and even has a food truck just for pups.

The dog, 3-year-old Eclipse, lives outside of Seattle with her owner, Jeff Young. Jeff and Eclipse love going to the dog park together, and they always take the bus.

One day, while Jeff was finishing a cigarette, Eclipse got on the bus without him.

Luckily, the smart dog had done this ride before, so when she saw the dog park out the window, she confidently made her way off the bus. Jeff met up with her there later.

That first solo ride marked the beginning of Eclipse’s life as a commuting dog. Now, the bus drivers and passengers know her, and she’s a welcome addition to any morning commute.

eclipse the dog riding bus

Commuters in Seattle are often surprised when they get on the bus because a big black dog greets them with a smile.

The dog, Eclipse, is just a regular commuting dog now, as her owner doesn’t always ride the bus with her,

She even has her own bus pass, which she wears clipped to her collar.

eclipse the dog riding bus

Eclipse rides the bus to the dog park so often that the bus drivers and even some passengers have become familiar with her.

The sweet dog likes to sit next to the window so that she can see the dog park and know when to get off the bus.

eclipse the dog riding bus

Eclipse enjoys her rides to the park because they give her a chance to make new friends.

According to her Facebook page, Eclipse’s favorite things include hugs, off-leash walks, and full moons.

eclipse the dog riding bus

Her owner, Jeff, explains that about once a week he gets a call from a stranger who thinks Eclipse is lost.

Each time he gets one of these calls, Jeff casually explains that Eclipse is fine, and she actually knows what she’s doing.

eclipse the dog riding bus

According to Seattle’s Metro Transit, they love a dog who can get on board with public transportation.

Eclipse’s commute is pretty short — only three or four stops on the bus — but she definitely loves her solo excursions.

eclipse the dog riding bus

Eclipse has become so popular that in addition to her Facebook page, she also has a fan club of “Ecliptomaniacs.” She also stars in a Seattle Metro Trip Planner video.

But her stardom hasn’t gone to her head — Eclipse still loves to catch air and roll in the grass, just like any other dog.

eclipse the dog riding bus

Eclipse, who was born on a farm in Western Washington, moved to Seattle when she was only 6 months old, so she’s grown accustomed to city life.

This bus-riding dog is definitely one of a kind!

What would you do if you got on the bus and saw Eclipse?

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