Sanctuary Kitten Takes A Daily Ride On The Backs Of His Unlikely Friends…

Cats are usually the king of any household, but this cat decided to take it to the next level. Wesley T. Monkey is the king cat of the Indraloka Animal Sanctuary in Mehoopany, Pennsylvania. He has made friends with all the species…

…and they all oblige him!

Former farm animals are taken to the sanctuary to live in their forever home after they are no longer wanted or have outlived their usefulness in the farming industry. The animals get to live out the rest of their years with animals just like them, rather than being put down.

There are over 100 cats at the sanctuary but Wesley is the king of them all. He doesn’t really care for his feline siblings, he cares about all the other animals.

Wesley socializes with the cows and horses while sitting on their backs When the livestock are done lying around, Wesley doesn’t mind jumping on their backs for a ride.

Wesley even takes time out of his day to talk with the pigs, but he doesn’t share their affinity for mud baths.

The animals don’t mind his company and even the geese, who are extremely nervous animals, seem to tolerate Wesley’s presence.

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