What Kind of Dog is Clifford? The Big Red Dog

what kind of dog is clifford

The big red dog known as Clifford is coming to the big screen in a new movie. A children’s book series that started it all for Scholastic, this furry friend has been brought back from animation unemployment with his own show on Netflix called “ starring “Clifford The Big Red Dog.” Now old fans can see what they have missed out by not being able to watch when television was still something worth watching live.

There’s been talk of the Clifford the Big Red Dog movie since 2012, and Paramount Pictures is finally releasing the movie later this year. But after watching the trailer, many don’t recognize our red furry friend, prompting the question: What kind of dog is Clifford?

 What breed is Clifford supposed to be?

In the original book and the animated TV show, it’s never specified what breed of dog Clifford is. But one thing for sure – he started off so small that Emily Elizabeth could “gave him a bath in her soup bowl.” However after they loved each other very much their sizes grew different from each other; but most importantly because she wanted to take care of how big this pup got-so without any clarification from Norman Bridwell himself about which species was involved here (though we can assume since there have been various reports), let’s just say whatever kind these furry fellas came through with must’ve had some pretty incredible genes running thru’ its lineage.

what kind of dog is clifford

When he was working as a commercial illustrator, Norman wanted to get into creating children’s books and at the recommendation of one editor, he wrote based on his own drawing. One side shows a girl riding what appears to be a horse-sized red dog. However, despite this, there has been no confirmation whether Clifford actually draws bloodhounds or Fallow Deer – just their breed type (“cloth couching”) which could potentially account for some features seen in both breeds.”

Viewers weren’t thrilled with the live-action version of Clifford

what kind of dog is clifford

Viewers were less than pleased with the design for Clifford, a giant red canine who looks more like an oversized Golden Retriever. Many pointed out how he’s not nearly as large in comparison to his cartoon self and said that this is why they belong together: Godzilla movies need some good old-fashioned decent monsters.

“Clifford was way bigger than that on PBS Kids,” one Twitter user wrote, while another said, “They didn’t even make him a gigantic dog-like in the books what the hell is even the point. Now he’s Clifford the Clydesdale-sized dog.”

“You know, some things just aren’t meant to translate from animation to live-action and Clifford is one of them,” a viewer tweeted.

When small puppy Clifford meets big sister Emily, they become best friends. But as time goes on and he grows bigger than she anticipated there are people who want to study him because of his height which forces them into running through New York City with their Uncle Casey (Jack Whitehall).