Climbers Follow Crying Sounds For 2 Days Before Discovering 14-Year-Old Dog Lost For 6 Weeks

When 14-year-old Chloe accidentally ran away, her owner Larry Osborne was devastated. If he couldn’t find her, he knew she wouldn’t survive long on her own.

She had run away during their routine walk.

Days went by and Larry grew less and less optimistic about finding the senior dog. After four weeks of searching, he started taking flyers down.

But just days after that, a hiker heard a faint bark coming from the same mountain on which Chloe had last been seen. While many thought it was just a coyote’s howl, hiker Trinity Smith saw a post online about a dog’s possibly being on the mountain and knew she had to investigate further.

She and her friend, fellow hiker Sean Nichols, set out to find the pup and searched for two days. They followed the sounds of barking.

Out of nowhere, Sean saw a little head pop up from behind some rocks. It was Chloe! She was stuck on a ledge and was surrounded by loose rock.

Knowing that she couldn’t climb down to them on her own, the hikers scooped her up and carried her to safety. She was light. After six weeks, her weight had dropped from 90 pounds to a mere 26 pounds. But she was alive!

Chloe is now recovering and is being showered with love.

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