Shelter Worker Opens Kennel To Give Exhausted Pit Bull His First Hug After Hurricane Rescue

Sarah Rosenberg is a community engagement manager for the LifeLine Animal Project in Atlanta. She has a sweet spot for dogs in particular — especially ones with square faces! So when a rescue dog named Duncan was brought to the shelter, she knew she had to meet him.

But her first encounter with the rescue dog moved her beyond words.

“One look at his chewed-up face and I knew he had been through a living hell, but his eyes were soft and warm and invited me to hold,” Sarah recalled to The Dodo.

Duncan had been found by an animal control officer in Atlanta right after Hurricane Irma passed, lying alone on a porch. Duncan was scarred, wounded, and forgotten.

No one knew how the rescue dog had gotten his wounds — new and old — but, luckily, that animal control officer brought Duncan to the shelter where he would soon meet Sarah.

She had just arrived for her shift that day. Her colleague quickly informed her about Duncan and led Sarah over to him.

“I opened his kennel, and he melted into my arms,” Sarah said.

“I held him for a long time, but he held me harder. I could tell he expected nothing, but accepted everything with grace and such unbelievable sweetness.”

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