Jinx The Cat Looks Just Like A Little Alien

How could anyone abandon such a beautiful kitty? An abandoned 3-weeks-old Jinx the cat was found in a field by a family in the middle of the night. She was soaking wet and shivering when they found her, but as soon as she got inside, it became clear they had just found their newest family member.


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Mia Ibanez said, “I had come home early from a football game at my friend’s high school and was talking to my mom when we heard meowing. We had a giant field behind our house, so my mom and I went out into the backyard and shined a flashlight. All we could see was a tiny black thing in the field, so we climbed the fence and found Jinx.”

jinx the cat

The family swooped in to take care of the exhausted kitten, wrapping her up in a cozy blanket and giving formula. They vowed that they would help nurse this little one back into health. On the second day in her new home, Ibanez noticed that Jinx’s eyes were a little bigger than they should be and then realized there were other quirks as well. “I wasn’t sure if it was just because she was a kitten (I hadn’t had a kitten in years), but I originally just thought her eyes were really big, but over time realized her feet were also really wonky and same with her nose and mouth. I was expecting her to grow into them and it just never happened,” Ibanez said.

jinx the cat

When the family took her to the vet, they were told that Jinx was perfectly healthy. The doctor said she doesn’t have any underlying conditions or anything wrong with her physically. Her unusual appearance is most likely a result of birth defects or side effects from being abandoned as a kitten. However, these disabilities don’t affect her at all – they just make her look too cute.

jinx the cat

The Jinx that we see today still has huge eyes, her legs stick out to the sides, and her nose and mouth are a little different too. She has a very unique appearance and her family wouldn’t have it any other way. “I honestly was happy when she never [grew into them] because I love animals with quirks. I think they make her all the more adorable. People are usually shocked when I show her to them. Usually, people laugh a lot,” Ibanez said.

jinx the cat

Ibanez’s favorite thing about Jinx is that she always manages to bring people joy. Jinx is a breath of fresh air. She has been accepted for who she really is, and her family loves that. Though Jinx has an unusual appearance, she is just like every other cat in the world. She likes to play and follows her family around everywhere they go. Jinx has no idea that she’s any different, and it doesn’t matter. She’s perfect in her own way.

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