Retired Show Dog Takes The Internet By Storm Thanks To Her Long, Luscious Locks

We’ve seen a lot of Internet-famous dogs in our time — cyberspace is full of dogs with faces and fluff that are so cute, you can’t believe your eyes.

Some personal favorites in the past have been Tori, the perfectly circular-shaped bichon frise, and the cute dog couple, Toast and Finn.

But we’ve never seen any dog quite like Tea the Afghan.

This pretty pup has been making waves online with her long, luscious locks and her beautiful demeanor — no wonder she is also a highly-decorated show dog!

But underneath all the glamour and fame, she and owner Luke Kavanagh wanted an easier life with less time spent styling her iconic hair.

So Tea is now retired — and from what we hear, she is completely loving it!

The beautiful dog couldn’t be happier with her new schedule consisting of cuddling on the couch, sans her amazingly shiny hear.

Check below to learn more about the stylish renowned dog.
tea the afghan

You may recognize Tea the Afghan from this glamorous photo, showing off her luscious dog locks.

The photo was posted by owner Luke Kavanagh and has gotten plenty of attention from beautiful dog lovers since then.

“I guess people were mostly drawn to [the photo] because of her silky coat coupled with that dignified look that Tea has, but that’s just her being her,” he explained to Daily Mail.

tea the afghan

But Tea is no stranger to the spotlight — she’s won nine Best in Show awards and is also the top-ranked Afghan hound in Australia.

Her long beautiful body and flowing locks have won the hearts of many judges, and Kavanagh’s online photo has made her fan base grow by the thousands.

tea the afghan

It also earned her sponsorships with dog food brand Royal Canine and an ad campaign for Harriot and Hounds dog perfume.

Kavanagh has said that she is a natural in front of the camera, and super in demand at the moment by big publications.

tea the afghan

But, at the height of her fame, Tea actually went into retirement to live the life of a happy, homey lap dog.

The reason for this? Kavanagh was tired of taking hours to brush and style her famous hair, and wanted to spend more time with his family!

tea the afghan

Now Tea spends long luxurious days on the couch, and her hair looks nothing like the silky beautiful cascade that we are used to seeing on her.

“She’s loving retirement,” Kavanagh explained to The Dodo. “She has gone crazy happy. It was as if she realized she didn’t have to behave like a queen anymore and could be a bit cheeky.”

tea the afghan

Though Tea did the deva dog debutant role really well, it appears that she wanted to retire to a simpler family life as much as her owner did.

She may not have her signature hairstyle anymore, but Tea still has a head-turning personality — coupled with her silly face and long, lanky body.

tea the afghan

Though Kavanagh is now focusing on training his two Staffordshire terriers — who have hair that is a lot easier to manage — Tea still reigns as the queen supreme of doggie Internet fame for now.

Even the prettiest show dogs love a good lap and time spent on the couch at the end of the day — Tea’s retirement is proof!

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