Horse Lovingly Nibbles On Reporter When He Steps In Front Of The Camera

Horses are incredibly intelligent animals, and Frankie, a playful stallion, is no exception. He just can’t stop nudging the reporter in this shot!

The reporter is having a hard time not laughing out loud while Frankie shows him affection.

The cameraman excitedly says, “I want this footage!” His silly interaction with Frankie is something he will laugh over for years to come!

When Frankie begins to nibble his ear, the reporter keeps calm and quickly moves out of the way!

Horse Lovingly Nibbles On Reporter When He Steps In Front Of The Camera

Frankie’s playful nature is perfect. Horse Channel explains that when interacting with a horse, you should remain calm.

“Horses can read people like a book. Become conscious of your body language, expression and intention so you can teach your horse to read your actions and intentions and to know whether or not he should be worried. A horse needs a leader – calm, controlled, focused. It is up to us to learn how to become this kind of leader for our horse and even more importantly, how to be his teacher. Then we can teach our horse to become our partner.”

Frankie is not going to stop pestering the reporter, but the reporter is staying relaxed.
Humans and animals are made to get along like Frankie and this patient reporters – so it’s heartwarming to see an interaction between the two go so well!


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