Circus Bear Is Kept In Tiny Cage And Abused For 20 Years, Then Rescuers Step In To Save Her

While many people love going to the zoo or circus, they don’t realize that not every organization treats the animals in their shows and exhibits correctly.

While there are many zoos and sanctuaries across the world who put in extra care to make sure their animals get the best lives possible, that isn’t the case across the board.

As you have probably heard before, many animals live in tiny cages and deplorable conditions for their entire lives. This abuse becomes all they know.

These abused animals are the driving force behind many rescue organizations, like Animal Defenders International. They work tirelessly to save these show animals and give them better lives.

In 2015, ADI saved Cholita the bear. Cholita spent 20 years in cages, suffering horribly at her owners’ hands. She was mutilated; they cut off her toes. She lost virtually all of her fur. She didn’t even look like a bear anymore.

But in the year since ADI saved her, Cholita’s life has been very different. She can relax now. She has room to play and do whatever she wants and eat whatever she’d like. She is free and you can see how happy she is in the video below!

You can learn more about the hard work that Animal Defenders International does by checking out their website, Facebook, and YouTube account.

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