Couple’s Engagement Photos Are Photobombed By Their Silly Dachsund

Minnesota couple Chris Kluthe and Megan Determan planned their engagement with a few friends and family. When the photoshoot began, their 6-year-old dachshund Louie jumped in and photobombed  it.

Louie surprised the photographer, who put the photos online, where they went viral immediately!

Check out these jaw-draping pictures of Louie photobombing the engagement:

When Megan and Chris kissed, Louie suddenly popped up in the photo! 

Louie seemed interested in the photoshoot.

Louie loved playing in the neck-deep in the leaves, while blocking the photographer’s view!

This silly dog could not get enough of the photographer’s attention...

Louie’s owners could not stop laughing!

Megan and Chris could not keep a straight face! They really enjoyed the day with their happy, silly dog!

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