Blind Dog Never Knew Love Before Slow Dances With Mom Every Day

Julie Elrod is the first human who has ever loved Beanie as much as she does. Until Elrod brought the blind dog home, she hadn’t experienced a loving touch.

Now, the two of them have formed a unique bond through their shared love of dancing.

Mom Elrod told us that she and her dog Beanie have been dancing every day since they adopted her from Rescue Dogs Rock in 2018. “I communicate with her through touch because she is both blind and deaf.”

Blind Dog

Because Beanie wasn’t a fan of being touched, dancing together helped strengthen their relationship.

Previously, “when we tried to pet her [before], she would want to get away from us and be by herself,” Elrod said. In order to keep her close and sway back and forth, I now perform “slow dance therapy” every day.” I sing to her even though she can’t hear me.”

Blind Dog Blind Dog Never Knew Love Before Slow Dances With Mom Every Day

For the first time in a long time, Beanie looks forward to dancing with her best friend in the living room. Elrod, too, is a fan. “She trusts me completely and relaxes completely and melts into my body as we slow dance,” Elrod said. Slow dancing with my best friend and soulmate is something I do every day, no matter what else is going on in my life.

Beanie’s journey was not an easy one before Elrod. Beanie has come a long way thanks to Elrod’s patience and persistence.

@julieelrod1966 I dance with my blind, deaf rescue baby every single day no matter what. I don’t care what meetings I’m late to, I make the time to dance with Beanie ❤️❤️❤️ #dogs #animals #rescue #rescuedogs #cutedogvideos #cutedog #bff #bffs #bestfriendsforever #adoptdontshop #maltese ♬ Both Sides Now – Joni Mitchell

Even though she had no interest in learning about love, “she didn’t know how to give or receive love,” Elrod said. Her knowledge of housebreaking was nonexistent. We had to hand feed her because she refused to eat.

After four years of being with Elrod, the small dog no longer wags her tail or gives Elrod a hug.

As Elrod put it, “She shows me she loves me in different ways.” In addition, I have her in my arms pretty much 24 hours a day. “She follows me everywhere I go.”

Blind Dog

In the end, Elrod was the one who said Beanie had changed her life.

In the words of Elrod, “I would not trade being Beanie’s mother for anything” “I adore her to the fullest extent of my being. The time I get to spend with my soulmate dog, Beanie, is priceless, and I give thanks to God for it. Her time with me will never be enough, no matter how long I spend with her.