Dog Living In Trash Didn’t Want To Leave This One Place He Feels Safe

Animal control officers in Lexington-Fayette Animal Control, Kentucky, received a call about a stray dog last month. They responded immediately.

That’s where the dog living in the trash had taken refuge, they discovered. Because he thought no one would want to take him in, the trash can had apparently become his permanent residence.

dog living in trash

“When our officer arrived, this sweet but timid dog would come up to greet her but then dart right back to the trash can,” animal control wrote. “Most stray dogs run back to their home when they are scared, but this cutie was perfectly content to stay inside the trash can which made him feel safe and warm.”

In this case, it appears the dog had developed an affinity for trash—despite the fact that rescuers were aware of the dog’s value.

In due course, the dog’s rescuers were able to coax Oscar free and into the arms of new owners. In the presence of caretakers, Oscar’s interest in trash remained uncanny.

“Even after he was safe with us and being office fostered, Oscar still guarded and climbed into trash cans around the office!” rescuers wrote. “His name came solely from his love of trash because this guy is definitely not a grouch.”

Oscar’s rescuers decided to surprise him with a meet-and-greet with local sanitation workers because they knew how much he adored trash.

dog living in trash

“Oscar had such a great time!” animal control officers wrote.

Of course, Oscar’s greatest wish is to be adopted into a loving family. And he’s not doing it alone either.

A new home for him was found at the Lexington Humane Society, where volunteers have no idea what brought him there in the first place.

dog living in trash

“What we can promise him is he will never have to resort to living in a trash can again,” the Humane Society wrote. “Whether he was seeking shelter from severe weather or abuse, or if someone really did discard him like he was trash, that part of his story is behind him.”

Today, Oscar’s future is as bright as ever before. In the end, he just needs a family that will love him no matter what.

“Oscar is an affectionate boy who now LOVES attention and is eager to make new friends,” the Lexington Humane Society wrote. “We know someone will soon adopt him and treat him like a true treasure.”