This Guy Spent Hundreds Of Hours Working In His Yard. See Why His Neighbors Are Going Crazy.

Some don’t see yard work as a chore.  For them, cutting grass, pulling weeds, and planting flowers is a cathartic pleasure and a form of therapy, one that helps them wash their worries away.  But in Norfolk, England resident John Booker, trimming the hedges isn’t just a relaxing pastime, it’s a work of art!

For John, it’s a passion.  And it’s one that he’s taking to stunning heights.

gar 1

But he isn’t just making sure that they look neat.

gar 2

He’s actually turning them into a dragon!


This living work of art stretches 120 feet in length and reaches 10 feet in height.

gar 5

Naturally, the dragon hedge has become quite the tourist attraction for people in the area.

gar 8

This is some serious dedication!  But more than that, it’s great that he’s brought so much magic and joy to his community.  The world can use some more people like John!


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