People Are Loving This “Void Cat” And You’ll See Why

Munji is a cat with many moods. Sometimes he can be super playful and sweet, other times feisty- this always varies depending on what Munjis fancy at the time! Above all though; His favorite pastime? Hiding from you.

void cat

This cat is a little sneak. Whenever he gets the chance, Munji likes to find fun new hiding places napping in. It’s easy for him to blend in anywhere because he is completely black and often finds himself hidden. Oftentimes, his family often has no idea where he is.

void cat

When it comes to napping, Munji’s favorite spot is his cat bed. This might not be that shocking of a location — but because he blends in so well and sometimes all you can see are his eyes. If his eyes are completely shut then it’s impossible to tell Munji is even inside his cave. When he opens them, they just look like a pair of floating eyes in the void. The internet calls him a “void cat”.

His family can’t help but post a picture of him becoming one with the void. People are loving this, though. “Everyone else’s reaction was cute, It was lovely. It was amazing,” Munji’s mom said.

void cat

Munji’s family is thankful for the joy he brings to everyone, even if they are sometimes left scratching their heads when it catches them by surprise!

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