Feral Cat Becomes Loving Guardian Of Homeless Pigs

The Best Friends Animal Society‘s Piggy Paradise is a special kind group that rescues homeless pigs. The sanctuary lets them live out their happy lives in the safety of a protected area called the farm. The farm also has another resident that works with the pigs, a very special cat by the name of Kitty Meow!

KittyMeow (Or Meow for short) showed up about a decade ago, and the workers thought maybe she was looking for a home.

It was not long before the workers realized that Meow didn’t want to live inside. Meow wanted to live outside with the pigs and that is where she spent most of her time.

When it became clear that she would have nothing to do with indoor life, the workers arranged for her to have a bed and warm blankets out with her piggy pals.

The workers noticed that Meow did more than just hang out with the pigs, she was actually guarding them, and keeping an eye on them as if they were her children!

Meow has taken charge of these pigs, and, they listen to her.

The staff loves having her around because she does have a way with the pigs, and herds them to make sure there are no stragglers.

KittyMeow enjoys the leisure of farm life and is as content as an outdoor cat.

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