Photo Of Boy And Cow Napping Together Is Melting The Hearts Of Millions. Here’s Why…

Mitchell Miner, 15, has a really strong relationship with his cow Audri. The boy from Iowa was photographed napping with Audri at the Iowa State Fair’s youth dairy cattle show.

You have probably seen many similar photos, but the story behind this one is really one of a kind. This is the perfect bond between a human and an animal.

Mitchell and Audri weren’t able to win the blue ribbon, but the photo of their nap became viral. It attracted the attention of CBS News and Fox News. It shows how Mid-westerns give their best to work on their farms.

Mitchell and the cow prepared for weeks before the contest. They used to wake up at 3 am and get ready for the big show. Des Moines Register notes that Mitchell and Audri prepared for the show for weeks. Audri took 5th place out of 7 contestants, and this nap was well-deserved. They tried really hard.

The photo is now viral, and it sure triggered an avalanche of reactions in those who grew up on farms.

boy cow sleeping

Living on a farm isn’t easy. Those animals have to be bathed, clipped and walked. Farmers develop a strong bond with these animals.

The photo of Mitchell and Audri faced criticism, too. But, Mitchell’s dad jumped in defense, saying that raising livestock required more effort than anything else in this world. They take really good care of the animals, and Michell’s dad knows it best.

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