Family Finds Stray Cat On Their Front Porch

Buster, a senior cat, showed up on a family’s back porch in Ontario, NY in October 2017. The weather was especially cold and the family had no idea where Buster came from or what this friendly ginger cat’s past was. But he clearly needed help.

The family left food out for him but noticed that he always tucked his paws under his body. He looked like he was in distress and they were worried he wouldn’t survive much longer without care. Luckily, they were able to catch him and take him in for care.

They brought him to Lollypop Farm, which is the Humane Society in Greater Rochester. The vet determined that he was about ten years old, a feline senior citizen.

The vet also discovered that he had plasmacytic pododermatitis. This poorly understood disease causes sore footpads and may be related to FIV. Poor Buster also had an ear infection and two bad teeth.

This is why poor Buster was limping everywhere!

Buster was taken care of and fitted with mitten bandages and a cone of shame because he kept pulling off the mittens.

Otherwise, Buster responded to everything the vet did to him with good humor and lots of purring. In a few weeks, the mittens came off and Buster was well on the road to recovery.

Buster will be up for adoption soon. You can find him on the Lollypop Farm Facebook page.

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