Shelter Rescues Dog Family Of Six From Construction Site

Dogs are such loyal creatures to their humans.  They can also build close relationships with other pups, and even become best friends. The dogs below show us that they can have soul mates like humans do. The bond between these two dogs is amazing and the animal shelter did whatever they could to preserve this special bond.

Royal and Regal found each other in the streets of Taiwan and have been inseparable ever since. While living on the streets, they started a family complete with 6 puppies. The dogs lived together on a building site, but once the building was complete the dogs needed to find a home.

Mary Choi, the founder of Mary’s Doggies, an organization that rescues and cares for stray dogs received a call about the dogs. Mary’s Doggies have anywhere from 50 – 100 stray dogs in their care at any given time. When Mary heard about the dog family, she knew she had to do something to rescue the puppies.

“The workmen on the site were preparing to either chase the family of dogs away or call the kill shelter to come and take them away,” Mary said. She couldn’t bear the thought of the puppies being treated that way, so she decided to go to the site herself. Her plan was to at least rescue the puppies, but when she saw the dog family she knew they could not be separated.

“The mother dog, Regal, looked after her 6 puppies, and the father, Royal, stuck by the mother no matter what,” Mary explained. “The two adults were so sweet and caring for their puppies. They were inseparable.” Mary tried to keep the family together as long as possible, but eventually the puppies would have to be adopted individually.

When each of the puppies was adopted, it became apparent that separating the mom and dad dogs would break their hearts. Royal refused to eat when he was not kept in the same kennel as  Regal. Because the dogs were located in Taiwan, it was hard to find an owner that was willing to adopt a larger dog, and nearly impossible to find a home for the two big dogs together.

Mary reached out to the Etobicoke Humane Society in Ontario, Canada. She shipped the dogs to Canada, where they had a better chance of being adopted as a pair. “Royal started eating as soon as Regal was with him,” shared Larisa Duravetz, the intake and adoption manager at EHS. “So it was just clear to everyone that they had this connection, and they’d already formed this bond together, and we just didn’t want to separate them. They wanted to be together.”

The pair is still waiting to be adopted, but they have found a lot of compassion in their caretakers. The adoption coordinator at EHS brings them both home as much as possible to get them used to family life. Royal and Regal are so sweet, we hope they find a loving home soon.

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