A Day In The Life Of Adorable Hedgehog Family

This is the story of a little pygmy hedgehog named Marutaro, who lives life to the fullest! The silly little animal is married, has a wife called Okomesan and a daughter called Kinoko. The cute little hedgehog family lives in Japan.

Marutaro’s Twitter account has over 95,000 followers! He spends every day posing for pictures and looking cute and cuddly! Marutaro has become the most famous hedgehog the world has ever seen!

Here are some of his more famous photos:

The flower!

Duck master!

Lego land!

Too cute!

The leader of fluffy toys!

The achiever!

Relaxing in a bowl!

The nature lover!

The imitators!

Sneaky hedgehog!

The pineapple!

Cuteness overload!

The vain hedgehog!

Flower power!

Hello lover!

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