Doggy Language: How To Tell Your Dog ‘I Love You’ In A Way They’ll Understand

Do you love your dog? Most dog owners have a special place in their heart for their four-legged friends — they can be the most caring, playful, generous, and emotionally understanding pets out there.

Whether you got your dog from a shelter, a pound, a pet store, or a breeder, every dog deserves a loving home.

While most dogs can tell that you love them from the way you treat them (and the fact that you give them food and a roof over their head), there are lots of ways you can show it.

We always want to show our dogs how much we love them, but most dog owners know that dogs don’t exactly respond to human love the same way another human might.

Instead of smothering your dog with hugs and kisses, give them some love in a way they can actually appreciate.

Humans Don’t Communicate Love The Same Way Dogs Do

dog love language

As much as you might love giving your dogs hugs and kisses, chances are they don’t particularly enjoy it.

Unlike humans, dogs don’t find hugs a happy experience — but that doesn’t mean they don’t like affection!

How To Tell Your Dog You Love Them In Their Language

dog love language

Dogs do love affection from their owners — you just have to know the right way to treat them.

Read below to find out more about how to show your dog you love them in their language!

#1: Lean On Them

dog love language

Yes, actually physically leaning on your dog can show them you love them!

You may have noticed your dog leaning on you before — maybe while you were cooking or washing the dishes — this is how dogs hug!

So show your dog you love them back by gently leaning on them (but obviously don’t squish them too much!).

#2: Raise Your Eyebrows

dog love language

Many people know that staring down a dog forcefully can make them feel aggressive.

But if you share soft, loving eye contact with your dog, it can show them you care for and love them.

A study in Science found that when dogs and humans share a loving gaze, it increases oxytocin — the “love hormone” — levels in both the dog and the human.

Raising your eyebrows can also show your dog that you love them.

A study in Behavioural Processes found that the more you move your face when you see your dog, the more they’ll react emotionally.

#3: Let Them Sleep In Your Bed

dog love language

Like co-sleeping with a baby, co-sleeping with your dog can give them a sense of comfort, warmth, and safety — it also creates a strong bond between the two of you.

Sharing a bed or a couch with your dog can relax both you and your pet, explains Rover.

#4: Talk To Them

dog love language

Talking to your dog is one of the best ways to show them you truly love them — and it’s probably something you already do!

According to Independent, dogs can actually understand human speech better than previously thought. That means that when you talk to your dog, they may actually know what you’re saying.

Dogs listen both to your words and to your tone of voice, so speaking to them lovingly will clarify your love for them.

#5: Groom Or Massage Them

dog love language

Most dogs love being pet — and owners know this is a good way to show them affection. Even more than that, doggies love belly rubs.

Petting your dog always releases oxytocin in both the owner and the dog, which makes them truly feel the love.

In addition to petting them, you can give your dog a loving grooming session or a gentle massage. This will definitely tell your dog you adore them.

#6: Take Them On Training Walks

dog love language

Training your dog and going on walks with them isn’t just helpful for maintaining their good behavior — it can also show them you love them.

According to Dog Time, positive reinforcement is a good way to show your dog that you care for them. By using food, praise, and play, your dog will see that you provide the things they love, which will help them understand your love.

Dogs also thrive with routine, so keeping their routine the same can show them that you care about their wants and needs.

#7: Give Them Ear Rubs

dog love language

Many dog owners know this, but dogs absolutely love ear rubs!

According to Dog Time, ear rubs actually make your dog high — dogs’ ears are full of nerve endings that release endorphins when rubbed, which serve as a natural “drug” for dogs!

If you’ve ever noticed your dog drifting into a trance or melting to the floor when you rub their ears, this is why — so it definitely shows them you love them.

#8: Feed Them By Hand

dog love language

A veterinarian explained to WebMD that feeding your dog by hand can be a bonding mechanism, especially if your dog is still a puppy.

Because feeding your dog by hand is more intimate than letting them eat out of a bowl, they will learn to be comfortable with you faster, and it will also help teach them to eat slowly and not be possessive of food.

Yay, Doggy Love!

dog love language

Are you excited to go home and show your dog just how much you love them?

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