He Was Abandoned After Taking A Bullet For His Human

Here is the story of a brave deaf dog with a big heart and a happy future. Kiko the dog’s story has its nasty twists and turns. Kiko became the center of attention when he stopped a burglar from breaking into his house on Staten Island, New York.

He was shot in the head in the process of stopping the thief, but lucky for Kiko, the bullet ricocheted off his skull and he made full recovery. For Kiko, the worst was yet to come.

When his human could no longer provide shelter to the poor heroic dog about two years ago, Kiko was abandoned. In 2014, Mighty Mutts heard Kiko’s story and rescued him.  According to the shelter, Kiko was confused because he was still looking for his human.

That is also when they realized that Kiko was deaf and whether that was because of the bullet or not, the Mighty Mutt people say that Kiko is one of the sweetest dogs they’ve seen.

“Kiko was officially adopted last autumn by our volunteer’s family. He spent the holiday season with them, showered in love and adoration. We got photo updates of Kiko lounging on his many beds with his many toys and basking in the sun on the patio. He even made a best friend, his ‘cousin,’ Marley. Being around Marley gave Kiko the opportunity to be frisky, cuddle, and act like a puppy again. His new life was the best he could have asked for, the perfect last stopping point for this superhero dog.”


Sadly, Kiko’s health began to decline and he began having seizures. His owners were very attentive to his medical needs, with him all the time but he eventually passed away last week at the age of 16. He was lucky enough to spend his last months with the best possible family really enjoying everything life had to offer.

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