Mother Dolphin Shows Special Appreciation To Fishermen For Rescuing Trapped Baby Dolphin

A mother dolphin ‘thanked’ a group of fishermen for rescuing her baby after it became tangled in a fishing net.

The video captures the heartwarming moment the fishermen released the trapped animal from the netting off the island of Procida, Naples, Italy.

Footage shows the mother jumping with delight as her calf is set free and she puts on a display of spectacular dives to ‘thank’ them.

fishermen rescue baby dolphin
The calf is set free from the fishing nets off the coast of Procida, Naples, Italy. Fishermen capture the moment the calf is delighted at its new found freedom

At first, the calf is seen leaping out of the ocean and the fisherman cheer as it splashes between the waves.

Then the mother dolphin soars into the sky and showcases her elegant display of dives as a mark of her gratitude.

After the dolphins return beneath the water, the fishermen are heard clapping and cheering as they celebrate their good deed.

fishermen rescue baby dolphin
Delighted: The mother dolphin appears from the water and prepares to ‘thank’ the fishermen for their kind deed
fishermen rescue baby dolphin
Jumping for joy: The elegant dolphin soars into the sky leaving a trail of sea spray behind her
fishermen rescue baby dolphin
The dolphin continues diving in and out of the water in a series of spectacular movements

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