Rescuer Saves Stray Dog Who Lost Leg In Train Accident

When Kevin McCullen received a call about a dog, who had been hit by a train, he wasn’t sure how bad the situation was until he got there. The dog managed to survive thanks to his quick efforts.

When he arrived at the scene, he found Molly pretty banged. She already lost one leg, part of her tail, and half of the blood in her system.

When Kevin first approached her, she gave him kisses, despite the horror she just went through. He immediately took Molly to the Baltimore Animal Rescue, Care, and Shelter where she was treated for her injuries.

Molly is slowly recovering and just two weeks after her accident, she was already wagging her tail!

Molly is currently in a foster home until she’s well enough to be adopted. Kevin’s at the front of the line to take this little girl home with him.

We’re all rooting for this brave officer to add her to his family!

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