“Cat Cuddler” Needed For Irish Veterinary Clinic

Cat lovers we have found the perfect job for you! If you’re not happy with your current job, check out this job in Ireland.

The Just Cats Clinic in Clonsilla, Dublin is looking for a professional cat cuddler. Yes, I said cat cuddler. Seriously, this is the best job ever for cat lovers! The veterinary clinic in Ireland is the first to hire an employee whose sole job is to cuddle the kitty clients.

If you love animals and love to travel, then being a professional cat cuddler may be the job for you! The clinic announced that they are seeking a professional cat cuddler to work full time petting adorable kittens at their veterinary clinic.

The job posting asks these skill-testing questions:

Just Cats is a unique veterinary clinic that describes themselves as “Dublin’s only veterinary clinic for cats”, and notes that they are “an equal opportunities employer; however, we do discriminate against dogs attending our veterinary clinic as patients[1].”

However, this job is not all fun and games. Just Cats has made a list of other credentials that are essential for succeeding at this prestigious job:

“The ideal candidate must have gentle hands capable of petting and stroking cats for long periods of time.”

In addition, they must be soft-spoken and able to calm the nerves of the cat patients, as well as identifying and understanding the different types of purring.

There have been studies to suggest that when given the choice, cats will choose human companionship over food.

Cats Like Human Contact More Than Food

clinic hiring professional cat cuddler “Cat Cuddler” Needed For Irish Veterinary Clinic

Cat’s are known for their “I don’t care” mentality, however, a recent study proved that cats actually do care, and, if given the choice, would choose the company of a human to food, toys, or delicious scents.

The study, published in the journal Behavioral Processes, examined what happened when domestic and shelter cats were given different types of stimuli. The animals were asked to make a choice between food, toys, scent, and social interactions with humans.

In most of the cases, the cats chose social interactions over all other stimuli, proving that cat’s truly do love us, even if they sometimes like to pretend otherwise.

Cat Cuddling is the Future

clinic hiring professional cat cuddler “Cat Cuddler” Needed For Irish Veterinary Clinic

Although the job may sound too good to be true, with the awareness for animal rights increasing internationally, jobs like this may be growing more popular. If you have got the travel bug, and you’re a huge cat lover, then check out Just Cats job posting here

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