Lonely Shelter Cat Waves At Everyone Who Walks By

Vali, a lonely shelter cat, craved attention more than anything. The 10-year-old tuxedo, however, was overlooked by potential adopters because he was housed with so many other adorable felines at the Community Cat Club. And so, as everyone passed by her kennel, she began waving.

After the death of her previous caregiver, Vali was brought to the shelter in New Jersey. With her chirping meow and habit of tapping people when she wants more pets, the senior girl was on a mission to meet someone who could assist her in beginning a new chapter. All of the worlds needed to know that her only desire was for love.

Lonely Shelter Cat

A representative from the Community Cat Club told us that “she always [wanted] to be with you and cuddle.”

She spent some time in a foster home, but she was a little disinterested because she knew it wouldn’t be permanent. When she returned to the shelter, she would be reunited with her new family.

Lonely Shelter Cat

While in the care of the Community Cat Club, Vali had been waving for quite some time now. She was waving to people all over the country and the world, thanks to a Facebook post from a shelter.

The Community Cat Club wrote on its Facebook page, “Her little video reached so many people.” Vali finally connected with the right person after a long search through the glass.

Adoption meetings for Vali were set up immediately after someone saw the cat’s adorable determination in the Facebook post. It was a natural fit.

Lonely Shelter Cat

“[Her] new mom … met her today in person and knew it was meant to be,” The Community Cat Club wrote in a Facebook post.

Lonely Shelter Cat

Since she’s found a haven where she’ll always be loved, Vali doesn’t need to keep waving and waving.