Rescued Kitten Falls In Love With His Soon-To-Be Sibling

Siggy was a rescued kitten who absolutely fell in love with his new mama’s baby bump! From the very moment, Siggy was rescued, he has been cuddling his mommy’s growing belly!

Reddit user Bogsasaurus said that her best friend’s cat was about to give birth and she helped her when the cat was in labor. She has literally known Siggy since the day he was born! When Siggy was five-months-old, the kind woman was three months pregnant!  They brought Siggy home a couple of months later!

When the baby started kicking, Siggy would hug his mommy’s belly! This is approximately a month after he was brought home. Siggy loves his mommy and stays by her side all the time.

When mama’s belly starts moving with her new sibling inside, Siggy would actually knead her belly until the baby is awake and then he lays down and purrs while the baby kicks him!

Siggy rolls around on his mommy’s belly like she’s his human water bed!

They cannot wait to introduce Siggy to their new baby because they know that they’re going to be friends forever!

Siggy keeping the baby and mommy warm!

Siggy hugging and purring!

Siggy cannot wait to meet his new sibling!

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