Rescuers Save Abused Bears From Vietnamese “Bile Farm”

The treatment of black bears in Vietnam is unbelievable. Asian Black Bears are captured and put in “bile farms.” They have absolutely no measure of freedom.

Four Paws rescue organization teamed up with the Vietnamese government to rescue bears from these captive environments.

Bear bile is part of a traditional Chinese medicine, that has been banned in Vietnam since 1992. Despite the ban, the demand remains high.

Organizations like Four Paws are helping The Vietnam government trying to stop it.

“Bile bears” have a needle inserted into their stomachs every day, so the “farmers” can harvest bile from the gallbladders.

The organizations came across a poor bear named Hai Chan that had been held the prisoner for over a decade, and her condition was just deplorable.

Hai Chan’s front paws were completely gone for something called “bear paw wine” which is another traditional Chinese antidote.

When rescuers found her, it was heartbreaking. She could not even stand without her paws and had to hold the metal bars of her cage to keep herself up.

For over ten years she was kept in that cage and denied interaction with other bears. Thankfully, Hai Chan and the other two captive bears are now in good hands.

Four Paws plans to release the bears onto 10 acres of land after they receive medical treatment.  They will have a brand new habitat to enjoy.

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