Can Dogs Eat Ice Cream?

Your pup is your best friend, so naturally, you want him to enjoy life just as much with the occasional treat. I mean who doesn’t love a good bit of ice cream with their best friend. But can dogs eat ice cream?

can dogs eat ice cream

Can Dogs Eat Ice Cream?

It turns out that dogs really struggle with digesting dairy. So, for those of you who are wondering whether or not your pup can have some ice cream, the answer is usually no.

An associate veterinarian with Caring Hands Animal Hospital in Florida, Dr. Cristina Bustamante said, “It is best to avoid giving dairy products such as ice cream to dogs. As puppies, they can digest milk. But after being weaned from their mom’s milk, dogs no longer digest milk as well.”

can dogs eat ice cream

Some of the ingredients in ice cream can cause digestive issues for your pup, too.

“Ice cream contains large amounts of sugar, which can lead to obesity and make it even harder to help him lose those extra pounds that your vet probably told you about. Most importantly, ice cream has tons of fat! Sudden small changes in the fat content of your dog’s diet can cause big health problems,” Dr. Bustamante said.

Can dogs eat vanilla ice cream?

There are some ice cream shops that have a “doggy special,” which turns out just to be vanilla ice cream. The question then arises: Is it safe for my dog?

Dr. Bustamante said, “The vanilla flavor is a safer option compared to other very dangerous flavors such as chocolate, coffee, raisins, and any ‘sugar-less flavors with artificial sweeteners.”

can dogs eat ice cream

It’s true that vanilla ice cream is a better choice for your dog, but it still has the same fat and sugar as other flavors. It should only be an occasional treat if you know their system can handle it.

Can dogs eat whipped cream?

It might be tempting to allow your pup all the whipped cream he can stomach, but don’t give him too much. Whipped cream also contains dairy, sugar, and fat, it can actually make them sick. Since dairy products are not safe to eat in large quantities (and may cause an upset stomach) only give your pup a little bit at times.

Dr. Bustamante explained, “Make sure to give very small amounts occasionally and keep in mind the small amount is relative to the size of your dog. An espresso cup of whipped cream might seem like a small amount for a German shepherd, but it is way too much for your small Yorkshire terrier!”

How ice cream can be bad for dogs?

can dogs eat ice cream

Giving your dog ice cream can be problematic for them and could cause digestive issues. These symptoms may not show up right away, so watch out!

Mild effects are:

•Decreased appetite
•Abdominal pain

But sometimes these symptoms can be a lot more serious than just an upset stomach, these include:

•Ongoing diarrhea
•Ongoing vomiting
•Not eating (which can cause dehydration)

If you notice these symptoms are constant, contact your vet immediately.

can dogs eat ice cream

“Your veterinarian will probably run lab tests such as bloodwork to find if your pet has pancreatitis. When too much fat is given, [like when] eating ice cream, the pancreas has to work harder and becomes inflamed. Pancreatitis is painful and can lead to serious hospitalizations and, in very severe cases, even death,” Dr. Bustamante explained.

Dog ice cream treats and alternatives

If your pup has a sensitive stomach, it’s best not to give your dog any of these treats. But if he doesn’t mind very small amounts on rare occasions then go ahead and share that ice cream with him. There are other sweet treat options for pups.

Want to take things easy on your pup’s stomach? Try freezing bananas. They have a similar sweet taste and will make life easier for both you and your pup.

can dogs eat ice cream

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